Netball trail league leaders

York: 47
Durham: 52

York netball’s bid for the BUSA top spot was denied last Wednesday despite a strong performance against undefeated league leaders Durham.

This was the second time this season that York, ranked number two in BUSA, faced Durham but this time it was on York’s home court.

In a separate Saturday NUNL league, York had redeemed themselves, beating Durham by one goal. “We had beaten them before and knew we could do it again, having had an incredible run of wins over the season thus far,” stated Rosie Egginton.

In the first quarter the game remained close, though Durham was able to gain and hold the advantage of a few goals over the women from York.

Malinee Wandargala, York’s coach and captain led the centre court in what would be her last career BUSA match. “She has been the driving force behind the team the last two years,” commented Rosie Eddington, “I have had the privilege of playing with her, and her coaching has added tons even starting in her first year. ”

In the second quarter Durham’s shooters were quick to go on a multiple basket run, showing their true ability making numerous baskets. York were unable to match this strong front and began to fall behind.

York regained their composure in the third quarter, cutting Durham’s lead to a mere four goals. A great deal of this third quarter was result of tough playing by the defence.

Determined not to let up in the third quarter, York’s shooters, Helen Boulton, Katy Alexander, and Rosie Eddington worked together to score another goal right on the whistle. The game remained close with the lead flipping back and forth all the way until the end leaving the win open to either side, however Durham managed a string of five goals at the end to claim the victory.

The 47-52 loss cements York’s second place finish to Durham in the BUSA league. There is one game left in the NUNL league where the lead is still up for grabs between York, Durham, and Manchester.