Liars, They were wrong so we drowned

With their debut album described as an “acceleration of post-punk groove” New York’s the Liars are soon to release ‘They were wrong, so we drowned.’ Named after a age old German legend of witchcraft, stumbled upon through the many wonders of Google, the story behind the title of the first track (Broken Witch) is unfortunately more entertaining than the music itself. The band claim to have been inspired by the myth of a night in April when witches are said to fly on their broomsticks to Germany’s highest mountain. The first and following tracks emit an eerie effect and spooky atmosphere through the peculiar chanting approach adopted by the vocalist Angus Andrews. These vocals were perhaps considered by the band to be an experimental addition rather than the drunk-sounding mumblings that actually come across. Developed in frontman Angus Andrews house deep in the forests of New Jersey it is difficult to understand why ‘They were wrong, so we drowned’ was not left there, or even taken up the legendary mountain and drowned like the unfortunate witches of the story. Described as a “band in transition” let’s hope that the Liars continue to develop, and consider this album as a learning curve in their career. Released on 23rd February, Andrews said “I cant wait to hear what people think of the album, and what box they’ll put us in this time, so we can break out of that one too” following this comment I’m tempted to find said box lock it very tightly and bury it!