Justice Done

Greg Dyke the Chancellor-elect, was supported by thousands of BBC staff. Do I have similar deep felt feelings of support towards him? Well no.

Irrespective of Hutton’s stance on the Government, the BBC was clearly in the wrong. From the flawed reporting of Gilligan up through every flawed level in the BBC’s hierarchy, the situation was mishandled; ultimately with the consequence of the loss of human life.

I don’t deny that when it came to connecting with the domestic make-over generation, Dyke had dumming-down, working to perfection. If his job was only to decide what the nation viewed between Eastenders and the 10 ‘o’ clock news, there would be no complaint. However, as Director General of the tax-payers public service, we have to expect a little bit more. LL Bowyen might be able to get away with shoddy MDF furniture with a glossy finish, but this should not be a role-model for BBC journalism.

His actions were not as poor as Gilligan’s and it is widely accepted that he was only defending his corporation. Yet pride got in the way of judgement and the fire and passion that earned him respect among his fellows, ultimately contributed to Dr David Kelly’s demise.

The BBC was only supported through the wider media due to feelings of injustice when the Government was not criticised. It was correct for Dyke to leave and if the Government had been berated, nobody would have battered an eyelid at Dyke’s departure.

I’m getting my degree from Dame Baker.