Garden of India

Conveniently situated near the route of the number 4 bus, the Garden of India is a typical Indian restaurant serving everything from the uber-hot vindaloo for those males who want to prove themselves; to the mild but tasty korma for the less adventurous among us. The service leaves nothing to be desired, the decor is a usual attempt to conjure up a sense of the East in the middle of very English surroundings.

The restaurant itself is completely acceptable, the curry tasty, the meat juicy, the naan bread absolutely perfect. The only problem that any prospective client of this establishment might have is the clientele itself. Be prepared to encounter anything from a table of 17 rowdy individuals celebrating their joint love of judo through the joys of song; or a less than sober group singing a particularly discordant rendition of “Happy Birthday” while attempting to dissuade their extremely drunken geordie companion from putting an assortment of onions and sauces in his eye, while eerily chanting “it’s tasty…”

If you can think you can cope with eating near people such as these, or recognise yourself in any of them, do not hesitate to book yourself a large table at this tolerant venue. A memorable evening will be had by all.