Caffe Uno

As a restaurant obviously part of a chain, I visited the York branch of Caffe Uno not expecting much. Was I wrong! The minute we sat down, menus were thrust into our hands, and we were coerced into deciding on our order as quickly as possible.

Rather ironically, both being students, we opted for the pasta; which was presented nicely and was decent. However, who among us can’t make pasta at a reasonable standard? Even so, since my visit I have been informed that both the meat and fish sections of the menu are highly commendable, and thus have been forced to keep my opinions moderate.

But, we must always remember that all is not over until the fat lady sings, so ironically, I awaited dessert with anticipation. We ordered a traditional Italian pear tart to share and I have to say it was one of the most delicious desserts I have tried in such a mainstream establishment. Tasting not too heavy to be enjoyed, but the weight-conscious among us would probably feel immense guilt even smelling it.

Despite the overzealous service detracting from the laid back atmosphere of this Italian bistro wannabe, there is not much I can say to really differentiate this restaurant from the rest. A great place to go if your budget cannot hack the strain of a real Italian experience.