Alcuin fall away from the pack

Goodricke’s traditional dominance of College sport has reasserted itself this year but Vanbrugh attempted to put a thorn in the leader’s side this week, beating them brutally in basketball 27-9 on Sunday night, and putting away their badminton team 5-4.

Derwent are seemingly intent on slipping further into college sport oblivion, and are in danger of being cast adrift. Although last Friday’s volleyball saw the side upping the ante since its last woeful outing, they lost horrifically to James, who boasts two university women’s players. Derwent however sought revenge through the table tennis competition, dominating James’ weak performance.

Vanbrugh, who were unbeatable in volleyball last term almost came up short to Langwith who managed to win the first match by over five points, but then conceded to close matches leaving Vanbrugh still undefeated.

In College football, where competition is thicker than blood, the league seems to be repeating its results from last term with Alcuin having only managed to scramble two draws, now trailing with 2 points. Langwith and Vanbrugh meanwhile battle it out for league supremacy.

Additional points to the normal week’s tally will be up for grabs next week as the colleges submit their best girls into a three kilometre cross country run around 22 acres. It is still too early to tell how this year will turn out, but it appears it might be yet another Goodricke championship with Halifax, Langwith, Vanbrugh, and last year’s winners James fighting to the death for the second position. Alcuin and Derwent, however are still vying for the dubious honour of walking away with this year’s wooden spoon.