January 2004

What to watch out for in 2004

Read our planner to find out what to expect in the coming months

Vikings invade York again

Grabbing her axe and horned helmet, Meg Shaw goes searching for Vikings, nearly a thousand years after we thought they had left forever

Minster’s financial plight

After a chance meeting with an elderly lady and a chat with the Chapter Steward, Sam Fugill realises the true extent of the financial troubles facing York Minster

“Our success has grown immensely”

Leigh Matthews talks to the founder of ‘Aesthetica,’ York’s new arts magazine

York Amateur Writers

Amateur writers can be inspired by the local literary scene, says Gemma Ware

Living fitness fantasies

Gyms and jogging aren’t too tempting when it’s time for New Year’s resolutions again, prompting Sebastian Knox and Jo-ann Hodgson to investigate less traditional ways to keep fit

A successful and distinguished history?

For 40 years, nouse has been breaking the biggest stories on campus and spearheading radical campaigns, so Nicki Letts and Dan Phillips trawled the archive for some of the highlights

The Student Counsel

Becky Lockett tackles student problems with the help of her trusty panel

Elegantly Wasted

James looks back over 40 glorious years of nouse, using lots of words that no-one else understands

Keep your finger out of your ear

Elizabeth Ward gets interview tips from Recruitment Manager Anna Burrows

House of fun or house of pain?

Nicki Letts gives you the definitive guide to finding housing for your second year

“Lazy pap” Innuendo under attack

Exclusive! “Inoffensive” Innuendo is shit, YU Mag is shit, Vision go into porn