Okay, so Hull isn’t exactly the epicentre of the world but if you are looking for a fun night out you could do a lot worse. Spiders isn’t a classy or sophisticated place but it does have a friendly atmosphere and I would have to recommend it for its individuality and ridiculously cheap prices! As its a rock club it wont be everyone’s cup of tea, downstairs the music is heavy metal and though I love my rock it gets a bit much for me luckily I escape upstairs where the music is funkier and much easier to dance to! Upstairs the club plays soul and rock classics and everyone is just happily dancing and chatting. The dress code here is very relaxed too, you don’t have to wear black. Since it’s a student place there are no strict guidelines.

The one negative thing with Spiders is that it does seem to attract a lot of under age Goths trying to look tough in the corner. Happily, they fade into oblivion after a few cocktails (along with most other things!) And while I’m on the subject of cocktails, they are fantastically priced and believe me they really have a kick to them! My favourite is a ‘Fluffy Duck’ which is served in a pint glass, has four shots in it and costs £2.50! But it gets better – I was delighted to find you can get any shot for 50p, so if you adore Bacardi and coke like me, it only costs 60p!

Some people would describe it as a bit of a dive but it is extremely unique, from its fake black spiders webs hanging from the walls to the really laid back atmosphere that permeates the place. I think if you are stuck for something to do on a Saturday night you should definitely make the journey!

There are plenty of other places in Hull (and York) with more tasteful décor and more sophistication, with more expensive prices, playing cheesy pop and the latest chart hits (they both sound the same to me)! These clubs are all well and good but it is just another average well-designed club, but if I was in Hull I know where I would go for a night out!

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