October 2003

Christopher Reids…

Poet in residence – a preview of things to come…

Back at the brink

Once again the Northern Ireland peace process has hit an impasse in a week of drama. There may be more problems ahead

No fundamental change?

For its member states, the EU constitution is more than a symbolic gesture

James’ Lead Wavers

AU Vice President Stuart Leslie on this years inter-College tournament

Tigers Take Down Geordies

A strong win over Northumbria University put the collaborative York/York St John’s team, the ‘York Tigers’ ahead of their nearest rivals, on the Northeast rugby league table, with two wins in as many games

No-Score Bore Draw

Despite two red cards , York City’s trip to Scunthorpe was a dull affair. Jamie Willard reports

Brits: Cultural Cretins?

Brits branded a nation of art dunces

Booker Prize Scandal…

On 14 October 2003 the judges announced the winner of the Mann Booker Prize in an awards dinner at Great…

A Revealing Read

I am ashamed to say that before reading "Koba the Dread" I knew very little of the atrocities of Communist…

URY’s Artistic Airwaves…

URY hits an artistic note

How to Spot a Cliche

Just how obvious are students in their dress sense?

War is So Over

Tim Glister asks why Bono has stopped beating his drum and how George Michael reigns as radical supreme in the music world