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I’m off to drink cheap French booze

The AU Dinner is a fantastic night that many will remember for years to come (ask anyone who's been before) and it's an event not to be missed. But after a few years there comes a realisation that you have to graduate and your last AU Ball becomes an even more special night.

Apart from great music, friends, dancing the most important award ceremony of your university life is happening, the prestigious AU Colours Awards. The awards available reconise not only achievement and sporting success, but also commitment and dedication to sport. After all, without the later made by some, would the former be achievable by others? What makes your award so special is not what you've necessarily considered yourself to have done, but that your peers have considered you worthy of such an award.

With great delight last night we saw a quorate UGM, and next years budget was passed. This is a significant step forward on this academic year where the budget got passed in week 6 of the autumn term. It's not uncommon for the SU to get criticised in the Student papers for lack of effectiveness, which is something untrue if people consider the whole of the SU. Within the SU one can easily get the impression that the needs of the AU are not always recognised. And without such a huge effort of our members last Tuesday which probably made up between a third and a half of the total number, quoracy would never have been reached. Hopefully now some of the newer officers will realise that the AU is a very significant proportion of the SU.

Football hooligans hit the headlines again last week, with pleas for peace at England games. After a few disgraceful drunken antics from Lancaster's Rugby Club at Roses, one has to wonder if other clubs all act so irresponsibly, and if our's are in danger of following suit? With summer fast approaching, more than a few clubs must be thinking about the possibility of summer antics in a warmer climate then ours that keeps only the campus ducks happy! Although our football clubs returned from Portugal minus handcuffs, one has to wonder what the Irish will make of our Riding girls in a few weeks time.

As for me, well I'm off to sample the delights of cheap French booze, and raging rivers with 23 of the canoe club…It's hard to equal the fun and memories of going on tour, where the drinks and gossip flows, reputations are made or lost, and team spirit is created. After all without team spirit, sporting ability is not always enough.

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