Storm stops Women’s first game

After having been denied play on no less than six occasions, a raining off of the Busas Shield semi finals against Manchester, represented another blow for the Women’s Cricket team.

Three overs in and the opening pair of Lucy Horitz and last year’s captain, Sarah McDowell, had made steady progress totting up 17 runs on the board, but the heavens opened and play was closed, "we’ve done four hours of driving for nothing", Hortiz complained to nouse. The game has been rescheduled for this Wednesday at home.

The stunting of university Women’s Cricket has been in a large part due to the poor timing of the the traditional season. With matches often clashing with exam timetabling, teams have been unwilling to turn out, the walkover victory has been the norm, whilst an actual game is generally not forthcoming, captain and wicket keeper Lorraine Burlinson reflects the frustration at Busa policy throughout the side, "it’s a shame when the season happens, the exam constraints destroy the competition".

The lack of continuity of teams throughout most other universities has also meant that well established teams implode after the summer break, such realities relegated the Ladies to watching the men at Roses.

Though Lancaster amongst many other teams may have died, York’s continues to grow and AU President Brendan O’Donovan has nurtured the team throughout the last year, having spearheaded the creation of York City Ladies 8 a-side team that has fielded most of the University squad and has been the only means for play. Under O’Donovan’s tutelage the side has come from a group of newcomers, consisting of uni players from other sports as disparate as football, netball, rugby and hockey, to a cohesive first XI, "the state of our team is better than it ever has been" O’D remarked.