March 2003

The Jenga Interviews: Tom Connor

To those that do not know our student union president personally, Tom Connor may not be a name that you are familiar with. David White introduces students to the university Top Cat in the only way he knows how…

Services Shock

Shock as SU unknown snatches prestigious Union position

Ange Storms Welfare

Cheyne wins comprehensively and promises great change in Education and Welfare provision

Mum’s the Word

Ellie Murch wins RAG and reveals why she’s a mumm’s girl at heart

YSCA Knockout

A cynic might suggest that YSCA was cushy nine grand earner for Mags Parker, as the post was uncontested this…


Neil Barnes

campaigns officers

Sherine Triboulsi + Siobhan O’Gorman + Sophie Whitehead


Robbie Dale + Katrina Raymond


Ben Velmans + Sian Jones


Alex Lambert

educational campaigns

Chris Payne

communications officer

Nathaniel Thwaites-McGowan