Web Exclusives

Sheffield/Doc/Fest: Interview – Inka Achté

Andrew Young chats to the director of a fascinating and inspiring selection from this year’s festival

FIFA World Cup: Day Eight column

Chay Quinn previews the eventual England victory celebrations and weighs in on the Messi debate

FIFA World Cup: Day Seven column

Jordan Mcwilliam discusses the Messi Vs Ronaldo debate after an awful day of football

Vote of No Confidence submitted against YUSU President Alex Urquhart

A Vote Of No Confidence (VONC) has been submitted against YUSU President Alex Urquhart, coming after the second suspension of…

Review: Hereditary

Cameron Craig is left disappointed by one of the most hyped horror films of the year

FIFA World Cup: Day Six column

Jordan McWilliam discusses Senegal as Africa’s last hope, Russia’s record breaking start and Colombia’s capitulation

FIFA World Cup: Day Five column

Chay Quinn throws off pessimism and finally admits it’s coming home

Interview – Judy Murray: “Andy still wants to beat Jamie at everything”

The tennis coach on raising her Grand Slam-winning sons, lemon-iced doughnuts, and Andy’s imminent return from injury

FIFA World Cup: Day Four column

Jordan McWilliam talks about that Germany loss, Kolarov’s free-kick and the impending England match

FIFA World Cup: Day Three column

Chay Quinn tries to contain his hatred for Mark Lawrenson, mocks Messi and holds onto this column for dear life

Interview: Laboratory Conditions director Jocelyn Stamat

Jocelyn Stamat is the director of the excellent spiritual thriller Laboratory Conditions. The film takes the premise of the immortal soul…

FIFA World Cup: Day Two column

As Ronaldo steals the show again, Chay Quinn ponders when football might finally come home