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I rediscovered Harry Potter at age 18, and found I needed him more than ever

A year on from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’s West End opening, Oscar Bentley reminisces on the place Harry Potter holds in his – and our – childhoods

Langwith, James, and Derwent ranked high as welfare and industry connections fall behind in Times Higher Education surveys

Langwith, James, and Derwent have all appeared in the top 30 student halls in the UK in a recent study detailed in an…

A Procrastinator Sings

Dan Hall was supposed to write an article on procrastination – but procrastinated doing it

A behind-the-scenes take on Question Time, York

Defence and security will play an important role in the Tory endgame

Question Time with May and Corbyn to be held on Hes East

The Question Time special featuring Prime Minister Theresa May and Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn this Friday 2 June is…

Tactical vote campaign gets under way in York

York For Europe calls for ‘progressive alliance’ to take on Tory Brexit

Theresa May and the subversion of representative democracy

Megan Field discusses how the manipulation of language is subverting representative democracy

As It Happened: Roses 2017 – Sunday

Live coverage from the third day of Roses 2017

As It Happened: Roses 2017 – Saturday

Live coverage from the first day of Roses 2017

As It Happened: Roses 2017 – Friday

Live coverage from the first day of Roses 2017

Roses Preview 2017

This year’s Roses shows York hoping to regain the title from Lancaster University who took the cup last year. With…

Running out of excuses for sexism

It is patronising and regressive to tell women not to run at night