India’s Wonders: Beyond the Golden Triangle

While we come across pictures of India in abundance, nothing comes remotely close to the reality of it. It is…

A Journey Through Sintra, Portugal

You open your eyes again, still dazzled by the unexpected glint of sunlight, which struck you from between the pines.…

Berlin: a city which keeps on fighting back

“Wer will dass die welt so bleibt, der will nicht das sie bleibt”. Those were the words of the German…

Kangaroos, Corals and Captivating Culture

Australia is home to some areas of the most outstanding natural features in the world at Uluru and Cairns, as…

Cuba: paradise lost or found?

There is a Cuban saying: ‘Havana is Cuba, the rest is landscape’. While residents of Trinidad, Cienfuegos and Holguin would…

In Transit: Asia on the Cheap

A traveler’s guide to getting the best from your time abroad

Hand Luggage

Travel Icons, Fashion Comeback, Playlist, Read on the Road, Suitcase Essentials


Fancy some down time satisfying your cultural taste buds? Having a history of occupation by Spain, Italy and France, the fifth largest city in France is the place to indulge in art, history, food and architecture

Economy vs. First Class

Breaking the bank: Burma, China, New York, Jordan. Roues less travelled: Couchsurfing, Tour Britain by the roads

For a Purpose

For a day: Caste Howard, Bronte Parsonage, Alnwick Castle; For the food: Bunol, Berlin; The main event: Carnevale, Military Tattoo, Reykjavic


Bruges, Bavaria, Montmatre, Albufeira, Lucca, Italy, Costa Blanca, Barcelona, Tyrol, Geneva, Paris