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Football’s heritage is being corroded by selfish commercialisation

Shameless money-spinning techniques, such as selling stadium naming rights to corporations, are draining away what is left of tradition in football, argues Jake Farrell

All sports clubs are created equal, some are just more equal than others

While the Caving and Pothole Club only have sufficient ropage to negotiate their way into the underground kingdom, and the skydiivng club are being forced to cut down on parachute provision, the Royal York University Squash Society are raking in the readies

College Notebook – Out with the Old…

Sports Correspondent Thomas Gibby casts his eye over the first round of college football fixtures and ponders just how much we can expect from freshers in their first outing

The Mixer

Tucking into our chicken, erm, ‘supreme’, having blagged our way, Gordon Brown-like, onto the top table, TM takes in the surroundings of the York Sport Dinner

Reffed off and missed butts galore

What a specatacle! TM has been in, around, underneath and inside (no not in that way) the college cup action this past four weeks and must admit to being slightly perturbed. Mostly by that oaf Matt Butter. Or is that Bowyer? Either way there’s no place for Moulet-bashing in the beautiful game – just ask Roy Keane. He never used his head – just went in with studs showing

The Mixer at Roses

Roses is here, Roses! Bloody hell!

The Mixer

So, with the Student Union elections fast approaching, and five potential York Sport presidents to keep us entertained, TM sent three politics-mad spies to the sports centre to find out who the students want to win. Now, it would be vaguely excusable if in Market Square a few biology students here and there didn’t know the names of that famous five, but surely the sporties care how much they’ll have to pay in York Sport membership next year? You’d be surprised…

The Mixer

At York we are teetering on an increasingly wobbly sporting pyramid. Alex Lacy admits it; Matt Oliver swears by it; TM hates it

The Mixer

Wednesday afternoon. Sport o’clock. As The Mixer surveys the lush green loveliness of the 22 Acres under the crisp spring sunshine, hoards of York’s finest, bedecked in amber and black, prowl for BUCS points. So, where the f**k is everyone?


It all boils down to the money. And for sport at York, it boils down the fact that we just don’t have any

Matthew Jeynes

While obviously York is a great university, one of the best in the country, I do sometimes find myself wishing it was like American universities. You know, the ones the size of a small town, in terms of facilities as well as students

Matthew Jeynes

Every year it is the same. Every year York teams are forced to play matches while at a huge disadvantage.…