Roses 2016

Roses 2016 Sunday: LIVE

All the action from the final Day of Roses 2016 in Lancaster

Roses 2016 Saturday: As it happened

All the live coverage from Saturday of this year’s Roses in Lancaster

Roses 2016 Friday: LIVE

All the live coverage from Friday of this year’s Roses in Lancaster

Roses 2016 Preview: Netball

UYNC don’t have the best of Roses records but their consolidation in BUCS augurs well for a strong challenge

Roses 2016 Friday: Complete Guide

The only guide you need to all of the events on the opening day of the 52nd Roses Varsity

Roses 2016: Men’s Cricket

Input from the County Champions means that UYCC are well placed to challenge at Roses

Roses 2016 Preview: Hockey

UYHC will be looking to stop Lancaster in their tracks as they play for 20 points to help York retain the Carter-James

Miller: Coaching holds key to UYWAFC success

UYWAFC captain has seen her team’s approach to training and games ‘completely change’ this season

Roses 2016 Preview: Men’s Rugby Union

For many, the rugby union contests encapsulate everything that is at stake in the War of the Roses

Roses 2016 Preview: Volleyball

York’s men are cup winners and unbeaten in their last 14 games. Can they keep this run going in Lancaster?

Roses 2016 Preview: Badminton

With points on offer across all three days of the Roses weekend, Badminton could provide a steady stream of points for York