York stick it to Lancaster yet again

UYHC ROUNDED OFF another successful Roses tournament by taking 11 of the 18 points on offer to both the indoor…

Goodricke fall short in Hockey B match

St. Cuthbert’s seal the deal last minute, defeating Goodricke 2-0

Hockey vanguard reaps rewards for York

On Roses Saturday, Lancaster’s astro was a York stronghold as UYHC stormed to an unbeaten record across six matches. A…

Roses 2016 Preview: Hockey

UYHC will be looking to stop Lancaster in their tracks as they play for 20 points to help York retain the Carter-James

Springing to success: The Hockeyroos

Australian national hockey striker Georgie Parker talks small town living, mental health campaigning and the Olympics

Vanbrugh seal late Langwith victory

On College Hockey opening day, Vanbrugh secure a dominant defeat of Langwith

Women’s indoor hockey take a share of the spoils

The White Rose earned a point towards York’s overall Roses score with a well-earned 2-2 draw inside the Tent

Indoor men’s hockey firsts storm to victory

York’s indoor men’s hockey firsts thrashed Lancaster 7-2 in the Tent on the Friday of Roses

Vanbrugh fail to conquer Castle

Vanbrugh fell to a 5-3 loss against a strong Castle side

Vanbrugh go to Varsity on penalty flicks

Vanbrugh qualified for Varisty through sudden death after a 0-0 draw with favourites Derwent

Vanbrugh outscore Goodricke in entertaining final

An action packed second half saw Vanbrugh score 3 of the 5 games’ goals to secure their place as the firsts for York

Goodricke edge Alcuin in semi-final thriller

Goodricke were pushed all the way by Alcuin and eventually won on penalty flicks to secure their place in this year’s Varsity