Bill Bryson. Image by Simon Berry‘The Importance of Science: an Outsider’s Perspective’

How do we make science accessible to the masses? Ellie Davis reflects on the Royal Society event ‘The Importance of Science: an Outsiders Perspective’, starring Jim Al-Khalili and journalist and best-selling author, Bill Bryson

An example of the small, cramped cages in whiich bears are kept on bile extraction farms. Image by Soggydan BenenovitchBear Bile Farming: An Interview with Toby Zhang

In the second interview of a series on animal welfare in Asia, Georgia Woodroffe speaks to Toby Zhang about the bear bile trade and the unnecessary cruelty involved in the ancient practice

Image by Flebilis RosaOxytocin Could Provide New Hope for Anorexia Sufferers

Is hormone treatment the next step on the road to treating anorexia?

They might not be very big but they're still living things. Image by cudmore‘Make Your Maggot Wiggle’

Can we really justify the mistreatment of animals for the sake of our University education?

magazine article piece copyWhen Anthropology Crosses the Line

What happens when anthropology meets racism? Vanessa Lloyd takes us back 100 years to tell of the horrifying secrets behind World Fairs

MapUK to Cough Up Pollution Fine

EU Commission challenges UK’s air quality with £300m fine

Image by InAweOfGod'sCreation. St John's Wart is believed to have anti-depressant properties, commonly used to combat anxiety, depression and sleep problems.The Dangers of Alternative Meds

Are alternative medicines having a detrimental effect on public acceptance and use of modern medicines?

Bears boxing at Xiangjiang Safari ParkBehind the Bars of China’s Captive Performers

Georgia Woodroffe talks to Animal Welfare Director David Neale about the current situation of animals used for entertainment in China

Image by jeff_goldenThe Light at the End of the Tunnel for Visual Degeneration

Is chemical injection the key to countering the onset of blindness?

Image by kugelApocalypse: How?

98 percent of species that have ever existed are now extinct; will the same be true for humans?

Photo credit: York UnionYork Union Review: Debt and antidepressants – are today’s students too scared to succeed?

Emily Collins reviews Professor Tanya Byron’s talk on mental health issues among young people

3D printing could give us the ability to design and produce anything we choose at the click of a button. Image by Creative Tools.Taking Printing to the Next Dimension

From blood vessels to rocketships; Matthew Wells discusses the exciting prospects of 3D printing

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