Professor Danielle George to make sparks fly in the 2014 Christmas Lectures

This week marks the start of the annual Christmas Lectures hosted by the Royal Institute, but will you be tuning in this Christmas time?

Sorry, do I know you?

Sometimes it’s difficult to put a name to a face. But what if you couldn’t even identify faces in the first place?

The search for a New Earth

In the event of a nuclear war or catastrophic climate change, humanity may be forced to up sticks and find another planet to settle down on. Are there any candidates? Part of our series on York Science Week

Coffee beans and dozy dreams: the Nappuccino

How do you deal with the mid-afternoon lull: caffeinate or power-nap? Scientists have found that it’s actually best to do both

US and China pledge to cut emissions

USA and China have made joint climate pledges, but are they drastic enough to keep global average temperatures below 2°C over the 1900 baseline?

Human minds control mouse genes

LED lights which could be switched on by human brainwaves were implanted in mice with light-sensitive genes

Tutankhamun: who was the mummy of the mummy?

Genetic tests and 3D imaging suggest that the death of the boy-pharaoh may not have been the grand as they taught you in primary school

“A brave duck”

Sam Wainwright reports from the launch site of AstroDuck – AstroSoc’s most audacious project yet. Part of our series on York Science Week

Biology Bites: The Best Biology Snippets

Georgina Hill covers the Biology evening. Part of our series on York Science Week

Geometry: a secret weapon in the fight against viruses

Professor Reidun Twarock, a mathematical virologist, presents the first lecture of York Science Week: “Geometry: a secret weapon in the fight against viruses”. Part of our series on York Science Week

York’s first Science Week

Every day this week one of the University’s science societies will be hosting talks on their respective disciplines to share their excitement for their fields of study, finishing on Saturday with the Physics Colloquium

Humanity has landed a spacecraft on its seventh celestial body

As the clock turned to 17:03 in Darmstadt, an accumulation of near-febrile tension was unleashed, and dreaded anticipation gave way…

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