Summer of sunshine and sunstroke

Feeling hot and bothered or enjoying the tan? Why is it so warm?

19-Year Old, Boyan Slat, masterminds Ocean Cleanup

Every year about 8 million tons of plastic enter the ocean. Most of it degrades into tiny fractions that poison…

Red, amber, green chemistry

A group of researchers at the University of York have developed a toolkit which measures the green-ness of chemical reactions using a traffic light system

B.O.-Utiful: the science of scent perception

What determines our preference for how we and other people smell?

Money saving micro-organisms

This year’s iGEM team are looking to clean Yorkshire waste water using genetically modified bacteria

£1m to study mind wandering mechanism

What’s going on in your head when you daydream? Vanessa Lloyd talks to Dr Jonathan Smallwood about mind wandering

Three times researchers used Lego to do science

Whether it’s the sheer satisfaction of clicking a final piece into place or the indescribable pain of discovering a small…

An interview with Greg Clark

Filip Preoteasa talks to Greg Clarks, the Science, University and Cities Minister for the UK

The Earth’s the Limit

This week, our planet exceeded four of our nine planetary safe zones: nearly half way towards the destabilization of our…

The coil is the new contraceptive of choice

An IUD or “the coil” is less prone to error than condoms or the pill

Nutrient overload

Fortification can be a useful way to provide essential nutrients to a population, but what are the effects of adding supplements to our drinks?