An interview with Greg Clark

Filip Preoteasa talks to Greg Clarks, the Science, University and Cities Minister for the UK

The Earth’s the Limit

This week, our planet exceeded four of our nine planetary safe zones: nearly half way towards the destabilization of our…

The coil is the new contraceptive of choice

An IUD or “the coil” is less prone to error than condoms or the pill

Nutrient overload

Fortification can be a useful way to provide essential nutrients to a population, but what are the effects of adding supplements to our drinks?

Epilepsy: understanding the disorder

Epilepsy causes repeated seizures, and is estimated to affect more than 500,000 people in the UK

The science of procrastination

Scientists have been studying how people study so that you can study better

Debunking for Dummies: What’s the fuss about 3-parent babies?

This instalment isn’t actually debunking. Sorry. It is about a contentious issue though

Your coffee addiction might not be such a bad thing

Don’t kick the habit just yet

Debunking for Dummies: alternative medicine

What do you call alternative medicine which works? Medicine

The science behind why I decided to eat less meat

Eating less meat is key to saving the climate, says the UN. Emily Collins explains

Do Elephants Grieve?

Do elephants mourn their dead ancestors?