Half a Pint of Science

Matthew Wells reviews last night’s event ‘Half a Pint of Science’, part of Science Week at the University

Lose weight, not your mind

“These are not the fad diets you’re looking for”

Sonata for two hemispheres

Scientists are discovering the unexpected potential of music and the way that it acts on the brain

Ebola: where the fear should lie

If you type in ‘Ebola’ into Google and read the list of news articles released in the past 24 hours, you might just think that you are going to die

2014 Nobel Prizes announced

Brain GPS, blue LEDs and high-resolution fluorescence microscopy. Faye John gives us an overview of this year’s science Nobels

Biography: Ada Lovelace

Ada Cheong celebrates the life of her namesake, Ada Lovelace: the world’s first ever programmer

How to study good: a fresher’s guide

Freshers: you’re going to have to do some work at some point;
here’s how to make it worthwhile

Curing your hangover with science

A valuable compendium of hangover treatments to guide you through Freshers’ term

Ebola crisis hits West Africa

The Ebola virus has hit the headlines in the last few months, sweeping through Africa with devastating consequences, infecting over…

Everything you never wanted to know about eating insects

Does the idea of eating insects bug you? As the World’s population creeps towards 8 billion, keeping away from insect-eating is getting harder than ever

Shark Finning: The Thin Edge

Georgia Woodroffe dives into the brutal world of shark finning

Fearful To Cheerful

Scientists rewrite bad memories in mice with a flash of light

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