Why Mozart never wrote a double bass concerto

Lydia Donaldson explains why bass players rarely get centre stage

Are E-Cigarettes As Harmless As We Are Led To Believe?

With e-cigarettes being advertised as the healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes, isn’t it about time that we investigate the reality of these claims?

York iGEM Team Set To Tackle Pollution

Following in the footsteps of gold-winning York iGEM, Ellie Davis introduces us to the project and challenges faced by this year’s Undergraduate team as they prepare to take on international competition in 2014’s iGEM competition

An Elemental Step in the Case for Element 117

With the release of furthur evidence towards element 117’s existence, could we be seeing a new element added to the periodic table in the near future?

Bantering with Bacteria

The first ever human-bacteria dialogue is being developed with the main idea being to convert light pulses produced by bacteria into human speech. Sound feasible?

It’s Time To LEGO Of The Gender Stereotype

They’re plastic, inanimate and no larger than your little finger yet the launch of LEGO’s female scientists is causing quite a stir…

An Interview with Michael Brooks

Prior to his much anticipated York Union lecture, Auriane Muse and Emily Collins chat to Michael Brooks, accomplished science author, journalist and broadcaster about the portrayal of science in the media

Come Fly (Guilt Free) with Me

With increasing pressure on airline companies to cut carbon emissions, Matthew Wells gives us an exciting insight into the developments in aviation which could lead to greener travel

Revealing the Limits of Life

For centuries philosophers, adventurers and scientists alike have been in search of the ‘elixir of life’. Is it possible that we’re finally on the brink of discovering the key to immortality?

York Scientists ‘Quack’ Down On Immigration

A study carried out by the University of York Department of Biology has offered new insight into the effect and use of protected areas in Britain

Scientifically Tested Revision Tips

Around 70% of what we learn in a day is forgotten within 24 hours. To counter this, here are 3 scientifically proven brain-cramming strategies

Why Do Scientists Say To Eat 7 A Day?

With the Government now suggesting we increase our fruit and vegetable intake to seven portions a day, Ellie Davis looks into why and how in some cases, these wholesome foods might not always be as good for you as they seem

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