Special Reports

Benn’s Labour’s Lost: Brexit, Syria and socialism

ON FRIDAY 2 December, the University of York PolSoc were delighted to welcome Hilary Benn MP, to converse with Dr…

Nukes, trees and more Green MPs

THE CO-LEADER of the Green Party of England and Wales, Jonathan Bartley, visited campus on November 3rd for a talk…

Brexit: Apocalypse now or into Elysium?

As the EU referendum reaches its final throes, our writers take a look at probabilities, possibilities and what comes next

Undercover at Vote Leave

The York Racecourse hosted Boris Johnson, former London Mayor, to preach Brexit to the converted. Finn Judge, an outspoken “Bremainer”, dons a Vote Leave t-shirt to investigate

Liberal Democrat Spring Conference York 2016

Ciarán Morrissey visits the Liberal Democrat conference, finding a more lacklustre affair than the last despite some interesting votes, and a party that seems to have accepted the reality of the 2015 defeat

Victory for “In” campaign as PolSoc hosts first EU debate

A snap Twitter poll, conducted after the Politics Society event, indicated that 80% of audience members agreed that the pro-EU panellists had best presented their arguments, invoking panic from student Leave campaigners

Predictions: Early EU referendum for 2016? Britain would still say no

Finn Judge says that he predicts no Brexit, no referendum in 2016

Predictions: Destruction and decay develops in the Middle East

Habib Nassar examines what the Middle East might look like in the coming year- with plenty of tension and conflict, but a few green shoots of hope

Cologne attacks: Merkel stays strong with refugees

The tensions following the sex attacks in Cologne may shake Merkel’s government itself. They undermine Europe’s most influential centrist government, to the detriment of the continent

Predictions: British politics to be as chaotic as 2016

In our series of political predictions for the coming year, Ben Reid expects another year of divisions and chaos

Predictions: The year of the first female President

Alex Davenport sticks his neck and predicts that for all of Donald Trump’s sound and fury, Hillary Clinton ought to finish the year as the next President of the United States

York Union Review: The fall and rise of Ivan Massow

Having amassed fortunes through a variety of business endeavours, initially through introducing gay-friendly financial services when contemporary competitors existed in an environment of homophobia, Massow is the archetypal entrepreneur and compassionate Conservative