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MPs force leverage on Yorkshire devolution

Yorkshire devolution moves forward as government changes decision

Government loses vote on Brexit amendment

MPs have supported a “meaningful vote” on the Brexit deal

Honduras’s questionable election: At the crossroad of regional interests

A potentially rigged election has unearthed a country suffering from statal repression, the legacy of a coup and the interests of its large neighbour

Crown Prince launches new era for Saudi Arabia

Last week witnessed dramatic change in the political climate of the Saudi Arabia. Journalists, politicians, and the constant rumblings of…

Is there potential for change in Zimbabwe?

“This is not a military takeover of government,” declared the Major General, (who donned an army beret and camouflage jacket)…

Calamity in the Cabinet

Prime Minister Theresa May’s already fatally unstable government has been rocked by a series of scandals over the past weeks…

Justice for Srebrenica progresses as Ratko Mladić convicted

Orchestrator of the Srebrenica massacre convicted for crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide under the International Criminal Tribunal of the former Yugoslavia

Australia votes in favour of same-sex marriage

Australian voters have supported the introduction of same-sex marriage in an advisory referendum on the issue with 61.6 per cent voting…

President Xi immortalised at National Congress

The Communist Party of China has held its 19th National Congress at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.…

The European Union at a closer inspection

Italy by Allesandra Zannier: The northern Italian regions of Lombardy and Veneto held referenda on 22 October and voted for…


Senior Republicans fear that President Trump’s personal gaffes are distracting attention from actual policy, and thus dam-aging their party. After…

Government to tackle ‘safe space’ culture in higher education

The Department for Education has said that universities must commit to free speech