Politics Column

Eight years of hope: reflections on American foreign policy and “The Obama Doctrine”

Geoff Glover takes a look at the world after Obama, eight years on from Yes We Can. Better, or worse?

Liberal Democrat Spring Conference York 2016

Ciarán Morrissey visits the Liberal Democrat conference, finding a more lacklustre affair than the last despite some interesting votes, and a party that seems to have accepted the reality of the 2015 defeat

Donald Trump the Democrat Mole?

An endorsement for Donald the Democrat – Luke Rix-Standing believes that Donald Trump helps the Democrats so much he might as well be doing it deliberately

Tackling terrorism with English classes

Julia Guy challenges the efficacy of the new governmental language scheme, arguing it to be evidence of a binary mindset that sees only good or bad citizens

Both life and death prove cheap in Egypt

Cambridge PHD student Giulio Regeni’s death and torture are no surprise in Egypt

York Union Review: Choppy Waters: The Conservative Party Against All Odds

Dan Hodges (Daily Telegraph) and Stephen Bush (New Statesman), two of the best political journalists of the day, talked to the York Union about the future of the Conservative Party. Does it face choppy waters, or can it rest on its laurels now that the election is done?

York Union Review: Professor Danny Dorling: Injustice, Inequality, and the 1%

The York Union roars into the new term with their brilliant first event, hosting Professor Danny Dorling

Predictions: Early EU referendum for 2016? Britain would still say no

Finn Judge says that he predicts no Brexit, no referendum in 2016

The false prophet of progressivism

Harry Empringham examines the movement and ideas behind the accession of Jeremy Corbyn and his comrades to power, and argues that there’s nothing new to any of it

Predictions: Destruction and decay develops in the Middle East

Habib Nassar examines what the Middle East might look like in the coming year- with plenty of tension and conflict, but a few green shoots of hope

Cologne attacks: Merkel stays strong with refugees

The tensions following the sex attacks in Cologne may shake Merkel’s government itself. They undermine Europe’s most influential centrist government, to the detriment of the continent

State of the Union Review: Obama’s last stand

With his term drawing to a close, the US president is desperate to establish his legacy in the minds of the public, and give at least a semblance of bipartisanship