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Left Wing, Right Wing: Thoughts from the Politics Editor

IT HAS BECOME increasingly difficult to ignore Putin’s role on the world stage. Many in the west are both cowed…

Comment: Bercow was right to oppose Trump

IN A HIGHLY contentious move, the Speaker of the House of Commons has voiced his opposition to President Trump addressing…

Left Wing, Right Wing: Thoughts from the Politics Editor

IN THE CONTINUING saga that is the unravelling of western democratic liberalism, France is preparing itself for one of the…

Left Wing, Right Wing: Thoughts from the Politics Editor

GO FIGURE THAT the biggest political story in the US election breaks after the election, and more importantly our final…

Left Wing, Right Wing: Thoughts from the Politics Editor

WELCOME TO the future, ladies and gentlemen. After a year and a half, yours truly was looking forward to getting…

Brexit: Apocalypse now or into Elysium?

As the EU referendum reaches its final throes, our writers take a look at probabilities, possibilities and what comes next

Turkey’s president demands an imperial respect

Jake Strong gives his take on the Turkish President’s attempt to prosecute a German comedian for making fun of him- in Germany

Eight years of hope: reflections on American foreign policy and “The Obama Doctrine”

Geoff Glover takes a look at the world after Obama, eight years on from Yes We Can. Better, or worse?

Liberal Democrat Spring Conference York 2016

Ciarán Morrissey visits the Liberal Democrat conference, finding a more lacklustre affair than the last despite some interesting votes, and a party that seems to have accepted the reality of the 2015 defeat

Donald Trump the Democrat Mole?

My endorsement for Donald the Democrat-
Luke Rix-Standing believes that Donald Trump helps the Democrats so much he might as well be doing it deliberately

Tackling terrorism with English classes

Julia Guy challenges the efficacy of the new governmental language scheme, arguing it to be evidence of a binary mindset that sees only good or bad citizens

Both life and death prove cheap in Egypt

Cambridge PHD student Giulio Regeni’s death and torture are no surprise in Egypt