Europhiles find unlikely new ally in Farage

It struggles on Westminster and Brussels, but nobody other than those delivering it thinks of Brexit anymore. Not until recently,…

Left Wing, Right Wing: Thoughts from the Politics Editor

The Government reshuffle designed to reinvigorate the Prime Minister’s tenure might seem quite inconsequential tinkering to many. There were, however,…

Shock at protests in Iran

  Protests have been taking place across Iran, with participants objecting to political repression and the poor state of the…

No Executive in NI: a year on

  Just over a year ago, a visibly frail Martin McGuinness of Sinn Féin announced that he would be stepping…

Potential coalition divides German centre-left

Talks between the centre-right CDU/CSU party with the centre-left SPD on the possibility of renewing their coalition to govern Germany,…

MPs force leverage on Yorkshire devolution

Yorkshire devolution moves forward as government changes decision

Government loses vote on Brexit amendment

MPs have supported a “meaningful vote” on the Brexit deal

Key Campus figures react to Trump recognising Jerusalem as capital of Israel

Relevant campus figures respond to Donald Trump’s speech recognising Jerusalem as capital of Israel

Honduras’s questionable election: At the crossroad of regional interests

A potentially rigged election has unearthed a country suffering from statal repression, the legacy of a coup and the interests of its large neighbour

Peace and security in the Asia Pacific in the post-Obama era: The view from ASEAN and Indonesia

Indonesian Ambassador to the UK, Dr. Rizal Sukma, visits York to give speech and answer questions on peace and security in South East Asia

Crown Prince launches new era for Saudi Arabia

Last week witnessed dramatic change in the political climate of the Saudi Arabia. Journalists, politicians, and the constant rumblings of…

Is there potential for change in Zimbabwe?

“This is not a military takeover of government,” declared the Major General, (who donned an army beret and camouflage jacket)…