Tom Armston-Clarke

Tom AC

Derwent College
Second Year
Politics and International Relations

Tom is a hockey enthusiast and likes to play for various teams as long as he isn’t, in his own words, “dropped for Mario Balotelli esque behaviour”. He was also a chef for three years spending last summer serving up jacket potatoes at various UK music festivals.

Tom claims that he has been kissed on the cheek by Cara Delevigne, and “hasn’t washed since”. He has a tattoo of UYHC on his ankle.


  1. 17 Feb ’14 at 8:03 pm

    3rd Year 'Honey'

    AC thinks he’s a player as well as a BNOC, please stop this awful campaign. Whilst you’re at it stop failing to chat up ‘honeys’ and showing off your dick on facebook, it’s about as small as your chance of winning. Tosser.

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  2. Im extremely saddened at this comment, my dick is actually normal size.

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  3. seriously?? good joke! last time I checked and it was Small and Smelly! Vote Tom S-S

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  4. AC makes me cum everytime. He has incredible teckers in Bed. People are just jealous

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  5. 27 Feb ’14 at 3:51 pm

    disappointed with AC

    Micropenis is a extremely serious condition, dont let them bring you down tom i hope the treatments going well :)

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