Roberto Avelar

Roberto Avelar, Biology 4th year

What are your three main policies? 1. New accommodation contracts for the new colleges that cap price, and introduce a landlord ranking system. 2. Publish and lower hidden course fees, and establish a hardship fund for costs that aren’t specified in courses. 3. Identify at-risk students and support them, and improve communication with leave of absence students

Could you describe yourself in two-three sentences? I’m easy-going and open-minded. I’m always keen on getting to know new people and learn new things. I play bass pretty badly and spend most of my time thinking about ISA and all the biology work I should be doing.

What makes you well suited for the role? I’ve been the YUSU International Officer the past two years, representing 4 000 students at York – I know how YUSU works. I’ve done campaigns, worked with liberation groups and understand the issues facing York students today.

How are you planning to conduct your campaign? Facebook group, lecture shoutouts, talking to people, giant cardboard capybara (chiguiro!), video on Facebook, probably Snapchat and Twitter too.

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