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  1. 29 Nov ’14 at 2:42 am

    Anonymous on Corruption in Football

    U wansum?

  2. 29 Nov ’14 at 2:25 am

    Sophia on The Ched Evans verdict is disappointing

    Oh dear. Another urban myth being promulgated by Ciaran Goggins.

    He probably invented the completely fictitious ECHR/Jean Hatchet/mendaciousness claim.

    FYI, Goggins, the police are actively supporting JH in identifying and bringing to justice those using social media to abuse her.
    This has taken off since Jessica Ennis-Hill received rape threats and the police know they have to treat similar cases with the seriousness they warrant.

  3. 29 Nov ’14 at 1:59 am

    Sophia on The Ched Evans verdict is disappointing

    I concur-wholeheartedly- with you Brooke.

    The legal net is closing in on Ciaran Goggins (and his dozens of aliases are well known to police, as Brooke says). He is a predator who scans websites for tiny bits of information and then distorts the truth until it is completely unrecognisable.
    He also trawls social media with the intention of identifying females whom he then proceeds to harass for his pleasure.

    Information is also being assimilated on the abusive tweets he sent to JH and her supporters. Screenshots providing evidence of his trolling the rape victim and JH are the tip of the iceberg. He is part of the pack that provides addresses and names (Ched Evans rape victim is one example –
    he’s even tried it with me this evening, by ‘stating’ where I live and that I’m not a doctor – getting both facts wrong), with the sole intention of harassing and intimidating (both of which ARE criminal offences).

    Goggins is a misogynist of the most heinous kind. More than that, he is a paedophile.
    And yes, his complete lack of understanding of the most basic law facts stands out in all he writes.
    He will be prosecuted and deserves a long custodial sentence for his latest efforts.
    I for one (along with many others) will be cracking open the champagne when that happens.

  4. 28 Nov ’14 at 11:50 pm

    Brooke on The Ched Evans verdict is disappointing

    Ciaran Goggins should be very careful. I know from several contacts that the North Wales police and the Gardai are watching every keystroke he makes and are jointly compiling an extremely compelling file on him, aware of all aliases he uses.

    How many police forces have you said that Jean Hatchet is now Ciaran? Let’s count, North Wales, South Yorkshire, Norfolk, The Met and now Essex. She’s one busy lady eh, if she’s the whole of 5 such geographically different constabularies.

    You have obviously no knowledge of law Ciaran. You make very basic mistakes constantly. You like to try and impress with your faux intellectualism, but your errors keep letting you down.

    Stick to ranting against Derek Haslam and joking with fellow nonces.

  5. 28 Nov ’14 at 11:48 pm

    Sophia on The Ched Evans verdict is disappointing

    Did you ever apologise for raping someone, or for downloading and viewing child pornography?

  6. 28 Nov ’14 at 11:38 pm

    Sophia on The Ched Evans verdict is disappointing

    No sorry – it’s not to do with money. I never said that so please don’t put words in my mouth. The judicial system deals with criminality. There is another part to rehabilitation and re-integration for convicted criminals and that is about moral reparation and understanding their crimes and showing remorse/repentance.
    Moral judgements are not delivered through custodial sentences. This is part of the licence programme post prison discharge.
    Evans is still on licence. He is still serving a rape sentence and will be until 2017. It is inappropriate for a serving rapist to return to a high profile post in the public eye and where he is idolised as a role model.

  7. 28 Nov ’14 at 11:26 pm

    Sophia on The Ched Evans verdict is disappointing

    Haha! Wrong again! You’ve just googled and come up with the completely wrong information!!
    If you’d looked the information up properly then you’d know that I’m a doctor and a research scientist.
    Not in Cambridgeshire. That was a while ago! And I don’t know JH personally. I know her from legal circles (in London, not Essex!!) It’s good that the police are now following up cases and going forward with cautions and prosecutions.

    You don’t intimidate me one bit. You are rather pathetic as hundreds of people already know (paedophiles often are).

    You see, times are changing in medicine too. At one time we espoused the values of the hypocratic oath, confusing that to mean that we had to treat everyone equally irrespective of their profile. That is changing and being debated. Professional bodies are now recognising that if someone is intimated by racism or misogyny, for example, they can refuse to treat a patient.
    And I don’t use my title in any public documents or bank accounts etc, in the same way that I don’t have my husband’s surname. And not that it matters but he’s a doctor and professor too. Intelligent, non-racist or bigoted.

  8. 28 Nov ’14 at 11:07 pm

    Sophia on The Ched Evans verdict is disappointing

    She’s a lawyer. First class one too, with a high profile of winning cases.She doesn’t have any connection with Essex police – none of her work is based there.
    You perpetuate myths and masquerade them as fact. I’m not interested in your lies – they bore me.
    And leaving red herrings about where you live and others reside doesn’t wash either. You are already aware that the police have your current address and – yes of course- you can be arrested and charged – you are a bit behind with current law.

  9. 28 Nov ’14 at 11:00 pm

    Sophia on The Ched Evans verdict is disappointing

    wrong ODM!!!

  10. 28 Nov ’14 at 10:58 pm

    Sophia on The Ched Evans verdict is disappointing

    Yes – Ciaran Goggins – I have reported you to Wales police this evening for being one of the trolls who previously outed the victim’s identity and address. Evidence already assimilated and sent to police, plus commentary to say that you are still being as perverse as you always were and continuing with this witch-hunt (screenshots sent from this website too)

    May I suggest that people do not need to give any more oxygen to C Goggins. His modus operandi is to harass and intentionally be inflammatory just to get a response.
    We know what your agenda is. You are pro child pornography. No decent human being participates in that (or rape, for that matter).

  11. 28 Nov ’14 at 10:51 pm

    Sophia on The Ched Evans verdict is disappointing

    OK – give me a contact at North Wales police and I’ll ask my brother in law – barrister and QC – to call Wales, or at least contact the professional body for police officers and request this is investigated.
    We know you are bluffing (very tiresome and boring).
    As if one person at a police station who wasn’t on the jury and therefore did not have access to all the evidence would say that. And if your friend is a ‘professional’ police officer then let them be reported and investigated for unprofessional behaviour.
    The court transcripts make clear the facts. We can’t make you read them. That’s because you don’t want to. Without having done so you remain ignorant about the case.
    Did you know, for example that McDonald and the defendant had already known one another intimately in the past and had engaged in consensual sex on several occasions previously.
    The defendant had never had sex with Evans before.
    She went with McDonald because she knew him and had previously had a relationship with him. McDonald admitted all this in court and it is recorded as such.

  12. 28 Nov ’14 at 10:42 pm

    Sophia on The Ched Evans verdict is disappointing

    You blog about having been accused of rape and encourage people to look up your case details

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