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  1. 21 May ’16 at 10:48 pm

    mrcuttime on Classical music for the masses

    Thanks for writing and posting this Luke. I think it’s worth pointing out that instrumental music like sonatas or even jazz have lost out to songs and celebrity singers. Generally speaking, people prefer character, vocals and visual drama to relying on their own imaginations. The standards of classical presentation help maximize the potential impact of music, but they don’t welcome or inform new listeners. New classical events specifically for newcomers could change all that, esp. with new music that adapts the musical dialect of Schubert and Brahms with urban pop grooves. I’ve composed several works that prove this works, and call the style Classical Soul. Here are two samples, although these track were recorded before I began adding drums:

    Playing them often in clubs, homes, schools and restaurants, I believe we can open many to the enviable power of classical expression.

  2. 12 May ’16 at 6:30 pm

    Tom Harle on Halifax coast past Langwith

    Rob- I’m aware of that. We don’t have people free to come down and take photos at the moment unfortunately. If it’s a frustration for you, that is as nought compared to ours.

    Dom- The group tables are linked to our Fantasy Football system, on which the majority of games have been registered. We are waiting on captains to send in their points.

    If you would like to get involved with College Cup reporting or photography, please email [email protected]. Thanks!

  3. 11 May ’16 at 12:37 am

    Rob on Halifax coast past Langwith

    The team in the picture isn’t even langwith. Get a grip Nouse

  4. 6 May ’16 at 4:20 pm

    DomCrane on Halifax coast past Langwith

    When is nouse going to hurry up and update the frigging group tables???

  5. Thanks Nightline!

    There are also other options if Open Door isnt quick enough for your needs. Qwell counselling is free online counselling and the York Healthwatch guide has lots of options in addition to the Online Services offered via Unity Health as well as the services recommended via York’s “Mind Your Head” site.

    Anyone with Open Door dissatisfaction please do contact the Open Door team so they can be looked at.

  6. 6 May ’16 at 3:02 am

    Jon Minat on Study drug on sale in lectures

    I’ve heard of cases where students get expelled, because they were caught trying to purchase. Even if you want to use smart drugs, be smart about it and purchase from an online pharmacy:

    They ship discreetly to you, and nobody else has to know.

  7. 6 May ’16 at 12:33 am

    Asher on Study drug on sale in lectures

    It certainly seems safer than Adderall, and nootropics can’t assist in keeping the brain healthy, much like how people take vitamins mostly for their ‘body’. A comparison of the two:

  8. If any students would like to talk about their thoughts and feelings without judgement or being told what to do, they are always welcome to contact the active listening service, Nightline. While not the same thing as the Open Door Team, Nightline can be a useful source to get things off your chest and is open from 8pm-8am every night, when other services are closed. They are 100% confidential and respectful of anonymity and you can visit them at the New Building by the Charles XII pub, phone them on 01904 323735, instant message them at or email them at [email protected]. They’re also available at the Ron Cooke Hub Pod 3 on Mon and Thurs 8pm-11:30pm.

    James, Nightline Public Face

  9. “The ‘gay men aren’t oppressed’ one equally so.”

    That’s ridiculously out of context, and actually wrong. The motion never said gay men aren’t oppressed.

  10. 24 Apr ’16 at 1:38 pm

    oliverjc on Students dissatisfied with campus laundry

    Hi Amy,
    I’m student at Cardiff University.
    We’ve been having similar problems with Circuit, and I believe that they may be in breach in contract. Students are loosing money and not getting the service they need.
    Would I be able top contact you privately?

  11. Hi all.
    Just to confirm that this leak was a conflation of an old draft of a letter and a new list of potential signatories for easy data entry. As a result some people have their named signed to a letter that does not entirely represent them.

    Just thought I’d try and clear things up. I cant speak entirely for everyone in the campaign. Each nams is there for their own reasons.

    But a brief summary of reasons from our group:

    Malia’s election was damaging.

    The YikYak policy was laughable.

    The ‘gay men aren’t oppressed’ one equally so.

    Continued refusal to listen to disabled student’s requests for access at conference. (i know a lot of anti nus people constantly laugh at the whole “jazz hands” thing, but cheering/whooping/clapping during a speech makes it difficult/impossible to hear for those hard of hearing, and there are so many requests for people to not do that during conference and they are constantly ignored. That’s a shitty thing for a lot of the NUS to do.)

    Costs ~50k a year

    No OMOV

    Having elections in the conference makes policymaking biased and heated as so much of it becomes posturing from people trying to become sabbs.

    Some in our campaign want to Leave permanently. Others (like myself) are more interested in leaving but with returning on certain conditions, like OMOV, separation of policy conf and elections, removal from party political things (supporting jezza and fighting lib dems last GE(nus spent 40k on an anti lib dem campaign), I mean as a labour man through and through I personally am okay with these things but like come on our uni needs better student support and higher staff student ratios not unseated LD mps) etc…

    Just thought I’d give a more accurate update of our position.

    And to reiterate ciaran. If you have a reason to doubt membership and would like to consider the debate just let us know.

    These things have to be discussed.

  12. Just to add to this, if you’re in any way interested in the disaffiliation campaign, please come to YUSU’s AGM on Monday or message one of Ciarán Morrissey; Bethany Wright; Stephen Harper; Jayh Karia; Allie Nawrat; or Uday Maudgil on Facebook.