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  1. 7 Feb ’16 at 5:48 pm

    Anonymous on TV Review: Endeavour – Series 3 Episode 1: ‘Ride’

    even morse*s first meeting with gatzby, talking to him without knowinh he was who he was and then being invited to watch his hydro(plane) the next day…
    tbh it felt cheap

  2. 7 Feb ’16 at 5:14 pm

    Thomas on A Kipper In York – Free Speech and Feminism

    Umm, I’m saying women have a tendency to take humanities instead of high paying STEM subjects at degree level, that’s a fact. Men also make up the majority of people doing dangerous jobs (working on oil rigs) which also increases their pay on average. Men tend to work hours than women on average. All of these are choices that are made, and I respect those choices but it does mean that women on average will be paid less. Comparing like with like, the wage gap disappears (and of course it’s illegal to pay women less than a man for the same work in the same amount of hours).

  3. 7 Feb ’16 at 5:13 pm

    Thomas on A Kipper In York – Free Speech and Feminism

    The claim about unreported rapes/sexual assaults is a dodgy one, as you can put any number on it as the statistic can never exist by definition as they’re unreported (as with any statistic on unreported crime). I notice that you are avoiding saying that Men can be victims of rape. Well they can be, and they can be raped by women. Female rapists are effectively protected by the law due to the law refusing to admit that enforced envelopment exists and should be classified as rape. The law silences male victims of female on male rape. Many feminists deny it, and while you may not, you can’t deny that some do. Funny because the last film I watched did pass the Bechdel test ,though I personally don’t like that test as it sometimes demonises movies as sexist when there is no reason for a woman to be there, for example the Shawshank Redemption fails because it’s set in an all male prison, it’s still a good movie.
    Female statistics in Oscar nominations, I assume you mean best director rather than best actress, and true, but that’s partly because there aren’t many female directors of that level. I mostly dismiss the Oscars as really cliquey anyway, regardless of skin color and gender it’s always the same group of people being nominated.
    The everyday sexism twitter account proves my point, yes the FGM stuff is a genuine legitimate issue, but some of the things it appears to be retweeting is just men being assholes, or telling poor taste jokes. It’s conflating the two issues as comparable with each other and I don’t think that’s appropriate.
    Sport isn’t really the best place to go , as the genders don’t compete with one another for the most part. I’d be more than happy to have the genders compete with one another in sport, as a running track doesn’t care about your gender, you’re either faster than the next person or not. Nothing wrong with women modelling or caring for children, both are respectable professions (the starvation culture that is getting less common in modelling does need to be fully tackled though). I think that the trend is towards equal representation in the media rather than away.

  4. 7 Feb ’16 at 3:23 pm

    Maria on A Kipper In York – Free Speech and Feminism

    So it’s our own fault we don’t get paid as much as men? Thanks for clearing that up.

  5. I couldn’t possibly comment on this matter.

  6. 7 Feb ’16 at 11:38 am

    Lex on A Kipper In York – Free Speech and Feminism

    I’ll come back to the pay gap argument another time.

    “It’s more likely to be 1 in 5 than 1 in 3” -in a world where most women don’t report rape because they don’t realise it was rape/don’t think they’ll be taken seriously/know that it’s often their word against the rapist’s word, I doubt that that statistic is accurate. The fact that you’re disbelieving 2/5 victims also proves this.

    -R.e male victims of sexual assault- as I have said, FEMINISTS DO NOT DENY THIS HAPPENS. The point of feminism is not to silence men. Feminism isn’t actually about men (imagine such a thing!). The point of feminism is to give voice to women (<- again, read that sentence twice).

    -"Women are well represented in mainstream media". Pick up a newspaper today and compare the photographs of men to those of women. You'll find a lot more photos of men in business/ politics/ sport etc than women. You'll find a lot more photographs of women with children/ modelling. Next time you watch a film or TV show, do the Bechdel test. Have a look female statistics on the Oscar nominations. Etc, etc.

    -Everyday Sexism isn't about manspreading and mansplaining. It's about street harassment, sexist language in schools and the workplace: and

  7. 7 Feb ’16 at 10:00 am

    Thomas on A Kipper In York – Free Speech and Feminism

    The pay gap doesn’t exist once you take into account choices made by women in education as well as the fact that women on average work less hours than men, it’s a common claim but heavily debunked. Women in top jobs is another complaint that has the same problem-in the coperate world if you take a career break, you will be passed up for promotion. To prove sexism in these cases you would have to be more nuanced and as yet the studies that conclude women are paid less/promoted less have not properly taken into account choices such as degree course etc. I agree we should encourage women into STEM , but I respect the choice of people to do a humanity (they will be paid less though).
    Sexual assault statistics are a problem I agree (although it doesn’t help that certain studies are unreliable, it’s more likely to be 1 in 5 than 1 in 3) . Also I will point out that the lack of proper support for male victims of rape, domestic violence and sexual assualt proves that the issue has been ignored. The first shelter for male rape victims in the UK only opened recently. Everyday sexism is something which is typically attempting to create oppression where there is none manspreading/mansplainingbeing one of the funnier claims. Oh and women are well represented in mainstream media, particularly the BBC, there may be a an employment disparity at the moment but they have quotas in place. Under the law women are equal, even privileged in divorce law. Feminists need to make sure they do not suffer from mission creep. That is what I feel the movement has suffered from.

  8. 7 Feb ’16 at 9:23 am

    Lex on A Kipper In York – Free Speech and Feminism

    It’s a fact that the majority of sexual assaults are committed by men against women. Feminists don’t deny that men can be victims too, but they focus on female victims and the rape culture promulgated by men (no, not all men). Focussing on women does not been ignoring male issues or denying they exist. (<- Read that sentence a couple more times, I think it is extremely relevant to your article)

    "I want people to be treated equally"- well good for you but perhaps to treat people equally we need to get to a point where they are. And women- look at sexual assault statistics, pay gap, everyday sexism, media representation, women in top jobs- are not equal. Feminists want to bring women up to an equal level as men- then maybe we can talk about treating everyone equally.

  9. 6 Feb ’16 at 2:50 pm

    Daniel Gronow on The false prophet of progressivism

    Flippancy has its place. I maintain that the public at large would dismiss anyone who suggests that the entire ‘realm of contemporary political discourse’ needs to be reformed before progressive legislation can be passed. Foucault may well have ruminated on this issue for years, and his (and your) thoughts may well be interesting, but their practical utility is moot.

  10. 6 Feb ’16 at 2:43 pm

    Thomas on A Kipper In York – Free Speech and Feminism

    OK, I was listing a common list of ad hominem attacks that are often thrown at people who express such views by, for want of a better term radfems. I’m glad no-one has thrown such insults at me, but such ad hominems are not uncommon in this sort of debate.

  11. 6 Feb ’16 at 2:40 pm

    Michaela on Review: Equus

    Brilliant review! The play was fantastic

  12. 6 Feb ’16 at 2:39 pm

    Thomas on A Kipper In York – Free Speech and Feminism

    The trouble is that for the most part (as in several USA universities) it is male students only that get forced to attend consent classes. If all genders have compulsory classes , my objection is significantly reduced. I want people to be treated equally , and issues such as rape and sexual assualts are often considered to be a “gendered issue” to quote one liberation feminist. That in my view is wrong.