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  1. 25 Nov ’15 at 12:52 am

    corey on We Need To Talk About Milo

    “it is extremely frustrating to see someone who claims to care profoundly about issues around mental ill-health encourage nearly one hundred thousand people to target a young Students’ Union officer because she’d said some stupid things on Facebook.”

    He encouraged a lynch mob, what a horrible man! Kerplunk, a drop of poison. Citation needed tho: Evidence of encouraging others to take actions required.

    “He mined the Facebook of this individual and used it to make a series of ad hominem remarks which served no argumentative or constructive purpose, other than to mark her as a target for his fans.”

    wow, he went that far out of his way searching for dirt? That’s an intentional dedicated attack! what a horrible man! Kerplunk.

    Citation needed. Did he “mine” it? or did someone pass it along to him? Did he stumble upon it in his investigation of the story and people involved? Is he following her on social media and it showed up in a feed? Do you have any evidence of how he came upon it? or are you judging, assuming, or intentionally casting him in a certain light.

    “and he did it to mark her as a target for fans.”

    Mark? wow, that’s almost sounding like some Mafia crap! what a horrible man! Kerplunk.

    and citation needed: Evidence of his intentions required. Did he do it to “mark” her? Or because that’s how he felt about it and wanted to say so.

    “It is extremely disheartening to think that a professional, high-profile journalist should think that this is a remotely acceptable course of action. It was targeted (kerplunk), spiteful (kerplunk), personal abuse (KERPLUNK!) at someone who was, frankly, a banal political figure even among the student body.”

    He’s a spiteful abuser who targets people?? what a horrible man!

    He was angry, he has strong feelings about this. He said something bold and likely believed strongly in what he was saying. I give you that it was misdirected, of course.

    “It’s harassment, (kerplunk) it’s bullying, (kerplunk) it’s intimidation, (kerplunk) and it’s absolutely not on. It’s not a bit of banter gone wrong, or a joke that’s been taken too far, it was a deliberate attempt to send the mob after an innocent person.” (Kerplunk)

    He’s harrassing, bullying and intimidating people?? what a horrible man!!

    Being an asshole (in some’s opinion) does not equate to being a harrasser, a bully or intimidating people, and you’ve repeated his intention 3 times in one paragraph without evidence. Citation still needed. In the meanwhile I’d like to offer a citation for YOU.

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” – Joseph Geobbels

    I’m not claiming you have an evil intent, nor that painting Milo as a harrasser is a “big lie”. The Big Lie here is about men’s rights advocates in general as a hate group or misogynists. I’m not suggesting you are intentionally perpetuating a lie, but that perhaps you’re fooled by it yourself and that’s where the assumptions (instead of evidence) that informs these statements is coming from.

    “and to exploit someone’s death for hollow political points.” (kerplunk)

    You’re exploiting the emotions of the audience to frame someone as bad, when the reason people speak up the most during tragedies is because they’re passion about stopping those tragedies and about the causes of those tragedies are the strongest. Even misdirected, misinformed or done rhetorically, it’s not a hollow action.

    “So, given that we’ve established he’s perfectly okay with releasing the hounds on those with whom he disagrees,” (which we haven’t. Also, Kerplunk.)

    “and with using male victims of suicide as political footballs…” (Kerplunk)

    So he’s a bully, a harrassor, an intimidator, he’s abusive, and attempting to rally a lynch mob against an individual, not because there’s evidence, but because you think so. There are thirteen, THIRTEEN drops in this well. Count them.

    No amount of “equal say” stuff at the end of the article changes that fact.

  2. 24 Nov ’15 at 10:56 pm

    red ed on A Kipper in York- Paris

    There are too many damn columns in this section as it is, but if you’re going to start every article with a little plug for YUUKIP.

    Have we coined the term whitesplaining yet? Because I fail to see how one paragraph can adequately summarise and weigh in on decades of scholarly research into the Qu’ran.

    ‘Purge’ is a very poor choice of word. “From what I’ve read on the news outlets” is not a source.

  3. 24 Nov ’15 at 10:01 pm

    Stuart Webber on We Need To Talk About Milo

    Except it seems like she’s answering a question. There should be no question on why someone should be allowed to speak on a campus. That no-platforming is a thing is absolutely horrific. Universities should be a place for dissenting opinions, questions and ridicule. Not for no-platforming bullshit and censoring dissent.

  4. 24 Nov ’15 at 9:52 pm

    Stuart Webber on We Need To Talk About Milo

    Dear Toxic 3rd wave feminists and “progressive” movements that want to ban speech,

    When you start policing speech or free thinking you have lost my support forever. It’s hard enough to do deal with new age government spying and corporations riding rough shod over privacy, but good people will not standby while you try to censor, ban and harm dissenters. Having people fired from their jobs, or banned from speaking on a campus, just for having a dissenting opinion or having your feelings hurt? go fuck yourselves.

    Left-wing campus extremists have been given a very loud and wide platform on which to speak, but when someone questions, ridicules or fact-checks their content they’re banned, blocked, bashed, branded and often targeted where they work. Employers are similarly harrassed until the mob get what they want.

    Now that Milo has something to say, that you may or may not like, you can get the fuck out of the way and let the man talk.


  5. 24 Nov ’15 at 9:44 pm

    BigGaySteve on We Need To Talk About Milo

    “Milo is openly gay… and plays up to every stereotype of campness and effeminacy that there is. His conduct seems almost deliberately modelled on now-aged notions of stereotypical homosexuality; hedonistic, chauvinistic, histrionic peacocking with very little regard for the role or company of women.”

    Please post where to meet adult gay men that don’t behave like 13yo girls into the comments section of Gay Patriot. Several of our readers are having trouble finding them.

  6. 24 Nov ’15 at 9:41 pm

    BigGaySteve on We Need To Talk About Milo

    The truth is not mean it is the truth ~Andrew Brietbart

  7. 24 Nov ’15 at 9:39 pm

    BigGaySteve on We Need To Talk About Milo

    Feminists that spoke out against Rotherham moslems raping= 0
    Feminists who backed up the Magaluf girls claim that she was raped after a vid of her performing oral on 24 guys in a bar slut off contest=ALL

  8. 24 Nov ’15 at 9:35 pm

    BigGaySteve on We Need To Talk About Milo

    Are you a boy or a girl that Milo made cry? There are gays that realize if the UK is ok with cops not helping 1700+ little white girls raped by moslems in Rotherham because of fears of being called names, that cops would do even less to help gays.

  9. 24 Nov ’15 at 9:35 pm

    Anonymous on We Need To Talk About Milo

    Relevant tweet:

  10. 24 Nov ’15 at 9:26 pm

    Anonymous on We Need To Talk About Milo

  11. 24 Nov ’15 at 9:15 pm

    Anonymous on We Need To Talk About Milo

    “The attempts of these commenters to attack you, Ciaran, is downright hilarious. Clearly they have no idea who you are.

    I support no-platforming in this instance. Specifically, I support preventing someone who has made very personal and unjustified attacks on students coming to the campus where they live and study. MY should be allowed to speak, YUUKIP can have their event, but off-campus. The man himself cannot be blamed with good conscience, but his supporters have levied some vitriolic harassment on the people he has attacked on twitter, and to have those supporters gathering on campus seems like a terrible idea, just for the sake of public order.”

    Good Lord! So much for Russell Group – you can barely write English. Presumably a Gender Studies student?

  12. 24 Nov ’15 at 8:54 pm

    Ciarán Morrissey on We Need To Talk About Milo

    Cheers! Clearly I’ve yet to become a big name off-campus.

    I still think MY should be allowed on campus. I’ve contacted him for an interview (not for Nouse), with a view to sitting him down and calling for him to answer for all of the things he is responsible for re: the situation on the 19th.
    While I understand the arguments behind those arguing for no-platforming, I still strongly believe that a) he does have some worthwhile things to say and b) you’ll never be able to hold him to account unless you engage with him.

    Also, mind dropping me a message letting me know who you are?