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CLASH OF COMMENT: Should the UK hold another general election?

Yes – Nick Meadowcroft-Lunn Theresa May’s “gamble” wasn’t even worthy of the title. With several weeks until a general election…

Cost should be no barrier to British citizenship

The expensive application for British citizenship leaves immigrants who grew up in the UK unfairly disenfranchised

We can’t allow terror to disrupt our democracy

Holding to account those responsible for keeping us safe has never been more crucial, writes Finn Judge

CLASH OF COMMENTS: Should the electorate tactically vote to prevent a party from a majority victory?

Yes– James Humpish People pick their second preferred option all the time to avoid a worse-off situation. They do it…

A left that’s divided against itself cannot stand

The left are villainising fellow left-wing figures for single misgivings and allowing their other progressive works to be cast aside

EDITOR’S OPINION: Register to vote

As a new generation comes to vote in this years election, registering to vote is as important as ever

Some talk, some bombs: 100 days of Trump

With 100 days of his presidency gone, Donald Trump has learned to stop worrying and love the Washington swamp

The PM’s regressive PR strategy silences debate

Finn Judge states the case that when the Prime Minister refuses to engage in any televised debates with opposition leaders, she denies any challenge

Theresa May and the subversion of representative democracy

Megan Field discusses how the manipulation of language is subverting representative democracy

Why the NUS is in desperate need of democratic reform

Alex Lusty, NUS delegate and YUSU Activities Officer, makes the case for a middle ground on direct democracy

Want to stop a hard Brexit? Vote Lib Dem

The Lib Dems are the only party standing up for the 48 per cent

Voting Corbyn is the only way to stop the Tory regime

Disliking Corbyn isn’t a good enough reason to vote elsewhere and hand the Tories victory, argues Violet Daniels