National Comment

Haven’t we got better things to do than bashing Boris?

The reaction to Boris’ insensitivity doesn’t help liberals’ image problem

Love Island: the nation’s not-so-guilty pleasure

The ITV2 reality show has once again managed to steal the spotlight this summer, as its dedicated followers vary from pre-teens to MPs

Let Trump in

Loathe him or love him, President Trump’s visit to the UK should be welcomed

Sometimes it’s best to leave the phone alone

Despite their obvious benefits, the health implications of constant phone use suggests that we may have to restrict ourselves

Reality TV is now the reality of the presidency

With Trump’s latest political advisor being Kim Kardashian, are we living in an Orwellian dystopia?

CLASH OF COMMENTS: Are you proud to be British?

YES- Joseph Silke Britain can get a bad rap, particularly from the British. Self-deprecation is an ingrained part of our…

Robots of the East will leave the West behind

The reluctance of the west to seriously engage with the concept will hand further innovation to those in Asia

It’s time to get a handle on London knife crime

Knife crime rises in the nation’s capital shouldn’t inhibit people’s daily lives, but preventative measures must be taken

Too many people are giving in to conspiracy

The world of lily-livered lizards and sentient cyborg government is starting to become mainstream

Eradicating racism in our world is not a goal of fantasy

Progress can only be made if we accept that there is a problem

North Korea is preparing to bite the hand it shakes

The warmth expressed by the North Korean regime is not an olive branch but rather a calculated fight for its survival

Liberalism needs a new Cold War mentality

Cowtowing to dictators and appeasing autocrats, classical liberalism in the 21st century is once again in the fight for its life