National Comment

Hillary Clinton: fighting for what’s right is worth it

Oscar Bentley looks back on Hillary Clinton’s election loss and Donald Trump’s ascension

CLASH OF COMMENTS: Is violence against fascists a serious issue?

YES – Chloe Kent Meet Richard Spencer: figurehead of the alt-right movement, with a haircut snatched straight from the Peaky…

Britain must invest more to modernise national defence

The caricature of rusty Russian warships is now more suited to Britain

Tory cuts: putting politics before the NHS

The Tories are neglecting the needs of the people and presiding over the destruction of the NHS for political gain

Berkeley Riots put the violence back into US politics

Rioting in response to Milo Yiannopoulos and the right wing is foolish, despicable, and totally inneffective

Brexit means renewed troubles in the Éire

Brexit will likely force a new border between Northern Ireland and the Republic that could undo the work of the peace process

How effective can political protests really be?

Ed Smith argues that if they want to be effective, anti-Trump protestors will have to learn from the mistakes of the Black Lives Matter movement

Fake news is the new norm in a post-truth world

In a post-truth world, Jan de Boer asks why “Fake News” is now prominently on the agenda

We need to talk about Donald Trump’s global gag rule

President Trump does not understand the implications of his global gag rule, so it’s up to us to make him

The Supreme and High Courts upheld the core of our democracy, and we would do well to remember it

From a legal standpoint, the Supreme Court upheld a fundamental principle of British democracy, one that David Cameron ignored, argues Rory Kelly

Nothing to hide, plenty to fear from prying PM

The Government’s Investigatory Powers Act gives authority that could fall into the wrong hands, argues Liam Mullally

At home and abroad, the West is failing refugees

Ed Smith argues that domestic politics have distracted us from the tragedies of the refugee crisis