Campus Comment

The NUS, prisons and jumping the shark

The latest NUS motion suggesting the abolition of prisons is one more in a line of fatuous interjections that do the NUS little credit

CLASH OF COMMENTS: Should Obama have apologised for the atomic bomb while visiting Hiroshima?

Elliot Banks and Dom Smithies discuss whether President Obama made the right move in apologising for the Hiroshima nuclear bombing, an attack that was launched before he was even born

The NUS works for postgrads, too

It’s a funny old life, being a postgrad. You’re still a student, for all the good and bad that comes with that, but you’re meant to be a proper grown-up, too. It’s expensive, too. You’re not earning, but you still have to live – and pay thousands in fees

Change for better higher education, or just for higher fees?

YUSU President Ben Leatham gives us his thoughts on the recent higher education white paper put forward by the Universities Minister, Jo Johnson, the less infamous brother of Boris

The NUS: An argument for remaining in

The National Union of Students provides institutional support in various under-publicised ways; by staying in we can force change

Clash Of Comments: The Queen at 90: should Britain still care about its monarch?

Niall Whitehead: YES Full disclosure – I don’t have the best track record when it comes to supporting royalty

Prosperity or Equality? Neither

Luke Rix-Standing examines how the political compass manifests itself in real life

Stop Dehumanising the Vulnerable

Last week, we heard that two of those responsible for the death of Aylan Kurdi had been sentenced in a…

The Cult of Anti-Humanism

After finally receiving what must be the most-anticipated Oscar in the Academy’s history, Leonardo DiCaprio took this opportunity to lecture…

CLASH OF COMMENTS – Were the Refugees Right to Tear Down the Macedonian Border Fences?

Elliott Banks and Ciarán Morrissey discuss the tearing down of border fences by Syrian refugees

Seven Jewish Children isn’t Anti-Semitic

The Caryl Churchill play was an intelligent and complex exploration of the issues, and should not be conflated with anti-Semitism

Petitioning for Democracy

Give petitions a chance: they should be a really valuable asset to society