Campus Comment

Prosperity or Equality? Neither

Luke Rix – Standing wonders what we should be aiming for

Stop Dehumanising the Vulnerable

Last week, we heard that two of those responsible for the death of Aylan Kurdi had been sentenced in a…

The Cult of Anti-Humanism

After finally receiving what must be the most-anticipated Oscar in the Academy’s history, Leonardo DiCaprio took this opportunity to lecture…

CLASH OF COMMENTS – Were the Refugees Right to Tear Down the Macedonian Border Fences?

Elliott Banks and Ciarán Morrissey discuss the tearing down of border fences by Syrian refugees

Seven Jewish Children isn’t Anti-Semitic

The Caryl Churchill play was an intelligent and complex exploration of the issues, and should not be conflated with anti-Semitism

Petitioning for Democracy

Give petitions a chance: they should be a really valuable asset to society

Children Need to Understand ‘Gay’ Words

Removing homosexual results from a search engine is unpleasant and unnecessary, hurting the very same kids it seeks to ‘protect’

Debunking Student Debt

Why do we lie to the most disadvantaged in society about tuition fees?

The Emotional Argument Behind the EU

Putting the economics momentarily aside, the ‘In’ campaign really ought to battle for British hearts as well as for British minds

Clean for the Queen: Sweep, Peasants, Sweep

Litter initiative hypocritical and condescending

Should the University decline arms funding?

York should stay away from unethical arms companies like BAE systems

Cartoon: See-through Elections

When your candidates are so transparent you can see right through them