The Case for Grammar

Richard Manklow asserts the important place for grammar schools, despite opposition, in our education system

The Meaning of Life?

Robert Tibke bemoans the popular nihilism of today’s youth, and questions whether there’s any point to their musings

A Kipper In York: Some Very Brexit-y Musings

York UKIP Association chairman Thomas Turton reflects on a tumultuous referedum results, embittered Bremainers, and where UKIP goes from here

Why I, as a socialist, can no longer support Corbyn

Corbyn has a questionable press record, dodgy parliamentary standards, and his policies are not truly socialist

Weekly Blues — Dispatches from the Conservative Frontline

York Tories secretary Eve Rimington laments the communication breakdown that dogs modern politics

Jeremy Corbyn: Old Labour, New Conspiracy Theories

Whilst fulfilling my democratic duty of knowing the news, I encountered an article by Martin Robbins in the NewStatesman…

Some experiences are worth filming

Entertainment company Yondr are locking our phones at concerts so that we may ‘more enjoy the moment’. Who on Earth do they think they are?

By banning Milo Yiannopoulos, Twitter aids the racism it condemns

When debate is closed down, prejudice prospers

Ginger Pride? I Would Rather Not

With the first Ginger Pride events in the UK scheduled to take place in August, Rob Tibke asks himself why he, and other gingers, would need pride events to celebrate their hair colour

Turkey: a lesson in how not to coup

Turkey’s calamitous coup has done no more than give their democratic despot justification for his sins

This is no time for a snap general election

A snap general election would build turmoil onto turmoil, and is neither constitutionally required nor wise