Running out of excuses for sexism

It is patronising and regressive to tell women not to run at night

Spotify is creating elitism in music

Spotify is choosing to limit the amount of music available to its free users

President Trump is nobody’s fault

Trump’s victory is a result of both parties and voters perusing their own interests

CLASH OF COMMENTS: Should former Prime Ministers speak out over Brexit?

YES – Connor Drake So, as we all know Theresa May’s government seems hell-bent on taking the country out of…

Experts: not perfect but better than nothing

Gove had a point when he lambasted the faulty predictions of experts, but they remain the best guide we have to the future

Your degree classification: 2:1 or not 2:1?

The degree classification system is based on arbitrary metrics, that fail to differentiate between the work ethic of students

Copeland defeat condemns an incapable Labour leader

After its historic defeat in Copeland, the Labour party needs a rethink

‘Moonlight’ must mean more than the Academy’s errors

Our focus should be on film not controversy

Fashion Week’s facade of equality is so last season

Although it tries to be inclusive, London Fashion Week is behind the trend

Without a free press, Trump gets a free pass

For a democracy to function, leaders cannot brand the press as fake simply because they do not like what is being published

UKIP have fallen from eminence to irrelevance

After the defeat of the party in Stoke Central, UKIP’s future in a post-Brexit Britain looks increasingly uncertain