Chinese Banking Crisis Looming

The last six years have seen Chinese investment in the UK increase by 500% with no apparent sign of slowing…

‘Global markets, we have a cunning plan honest’ Britain tells the financial world

With no-one having a cunning plan for Brexit, financial markets have been erratic. Our business editor, Elliott Banks, provides comment on this period of instability and what should happen to placate global traders

Uncertainty grips financial markets following Brexit

Global financial markets have been in disarray following the UK’s vote to leave the European Union. Financial markets bet heavily…

Osborne may call emergency budget over Brexit

Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne may call an emergency budget over Britain’s possible exit from the European Union. Mr…

Does York get a financial benefit from the NUS?

Given the confusion over the figures in recent days, we at Nouse Business, decided to take a look more closely at the figure being so hotly discussed

French score own goal as strikes threaten Euro 2016

  France is currently in the grip of the worst industrial action in recent times, with strikers and police clashing…

Comment: France needs its ‘Thatcher moment’

Should Hollande be looking towards the Iron Lady for inspiration?

Paradise lost: Venezuela’s economic nightmare

Last month the president of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro announced a nationwide state of emergency, after his country slumped into perhaps…

9 out of 10 economists reject Brexit in new poll

Nine out of ten of the top economists in Britain believe that the economy will only be harmed should Britain…

NUS contributions increase by £5000 in one year

Elliott Banks looks at the economics behind the NUS

French poised to say Non! to TTIP

Following Greenpeace’s unprecedented leak, Europe’s leaders are starting to abandon the deal