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Politics Editor (2013/14)

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Societies: Media and Publishing

The University of York is home to several multiple award winning media and publishing societies. It is regarded as one of the best campuses for journalism and this list will help you choose the right society for your media and publishing needs

Societies: International and Culture

York’s diverse student body means there are plenty of international and cultural societies to join, have a look at our list of what the campus has to offer

Societies: Special Interest

A list of all those societies that don’t fall under a specific category but cater for important student needs

Societies: Faith and Religion

The University of York offers it’s students a wide range of faith and religious societies

Societies: Performance and Drama

There is a vibrant performance life at York, whether you’re interested in dance, drama or musical theatre there’s something for everyone on campus!

Societies: Debating and Campaigning

The university has plenty of societies that focus on debating and campaigning, we’ve put together a list of what York has to offer

An Interview with John Faraclas

On a summery yet rainy day, in a café at Holland Park, just a few minutes away from the Greek…

Yet another threat to Iraq’s peace

After the recent events in Iraq, Yvonni-Stefania Efstathiou examines ISIS, the militant group that spreads fear in the region

JK Rowling joins the ‘No’ campaign

JK Rowling, author of the seven Harry Potter books, has made a £1 million donation to the Better Together campaign…

Nigeria: #BringBackOurGirls

Yvonni Efstathiou discusses the situation in Nigeria with regards to Boko Haram and the abduction of more than 250 girls

Security in the Baltic Sea and Crimea

On 13 May, the Politics and the Estonian Societies hosted Dr Ainus Lasas, Lecturer at the University of Bath in…

The JB Morrell Photo Mystery

A third year History and Economics student found a photograph inside his checked-out library book