Violet Daniels

Violet Daniels has written 5 articles for Nouse

Don’t be fooled: Theresa is teetering on the Edge

After significant losses in the 2017 General Election, Theresa May’s fragility in leadership is a liability for the nation

Voting Corbyn is the only way to stop the Tory regime

Disliking Corbyn isn’t a good enough reason to vote elsewhere and hand the Tories victory, argues Violet Daniels

Tory cuts: putting politics before the NHS

The Tories are neglecting the needs of the people and presiding over the destruction of the NHS for political gain

With Trump’s election, the United States has regressed 60 years

Violet Daniels argues that Trump’s victory is the result of widespread political disillusionment and reveals deep-seated divisions within the US

Should we give cannabis the green light?

The case of cannabis is complex, but other more mainstream stimulants should face the same levels of public scrutiny