Tom Witherow

Muse Editor (2012/13)

Tom has written 132 articles for Nouse

Tom Witherow: Advance to Mayfair? I wouldn’t risk it.

Ruthless capitalism and cheating bankers: our columnist plays the most vicious board game of them all

Why you should bow down to the privately educated (or not…)

Some people think posh prejudice is as bad as homophobia. Tom Witherow isn’t so sure

Tom Witherow: Here’s to a new year of Mis-Spent Youth

Forget giving up gin and starvation dieting; get so drunk you fall off your chair and you’ll probably still get a job at the end of it

Tom Witherow: The 5 types of sex you’re having right now

There are five different ways that students are getting into the sack – and none of them involve any hyper-stalking on…

York students horrified at ‘predatory’ hot-or-not site

York students’ Facebook profiles have been uploaded to a site that allows users to rate their ‘hotness’ without them knowing

Tom Witherow: Why you’re probably a slut

  America has brought us many fine things: as a start where would we be without hair spray and the…

The student life barometer

Maggie Smith’s up and Public Displays of Affection are down…

Review: Seann Walsh at YUSU Comedy Night

Diseased lakes, smug ducks, microphone penises and vajazzles made the last night of Freshers’ Week a roaring success

In Tweets: Live and Loud 2013

Live and Loud was just that, and drew a massive reaction online. Here’s the best of tweets from the Hes Eastern front

The Best of Freshers’ Fair Fashion

Was this year’s Freshers’ Fair the most fashionable ever?

The Shoot: Working It

The mood in modern interview wear is sharp and powerful CREDITS: All clothes: Topshop Shoes and accessories: Models’ own Creative…

Tom Witherow: Battling the Freshers Haters

Aged beings (yours truly included) can get a bit twitchy as this time of year…