Sophie Rose Walker Sophie Rose Walker

Muse Editor (2011/12)

Sophie has written 46 articles for Nouse

Baroque ‘n’ Roll

Eco-lakes and film sets: as Castle Howard celebrates 300 years with an exhibition, Sophie Rose Walker discovers where the future lies for this Yorkshire gem

Twitter & tartan: how technology is ruining the fashion industry

If you asked me what’s in fashion for the next Autumn/Winter season, I wouldn’t say tartan, or fur, I’d say twitter

A Queer Celebration

The BFI’s Gay and Lesbian Film Festival has an uncertain future, Sophie Rose Walker learns

Into the Woods

It’s not a flawless musical, but this was a brave, near flawless production, with an outstanding cast

Ten Years On: Guantánamo

British lawyer Clive Stafford Smith is a notorious freedom fighter. He explains about the impact of Guantánamo ten years on

Golden Globe 2012 winners

And the winners of the Golden Globes are…

Oscars 2012 nominations

And the Oscars 2012 nominations are…

BAFTA 2012 nominations

And the BAFTA shortlist nominations are…

Why isn’t Harry Potter a proper film?

Harry Potter films don’t get taken seriously by the awards. Why?

Daphne Todd – A Woman’s Work

The portrait artist has painted her mothers corpse, and Prince Charles, but she tells Sophie Walker why she is never satisfied

Thoroughly Modern Millie

Happily Ever After Society’s production of Thoroughly Modern Millie is an impressive evening of glamourous 20’s entertainment

The Great Escape

Meet Roslyn Walker, the UK’s leading Escapologist. He gets out of stuff for a living. Sophie Walker finds out why