Saskia Starritt

Comment Editor
Deputy Comment Editor (2017/18)

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Managing your finances at university

Six students give you their tips for managing money on a student budget

EDITOR’S OPINION: Expectations Fulfilled

Over summer I wrote a piece titled ‘Our expectations of University may not be fulfilled, but we can be’, and…

Our expectations of University may never be fulfilled, but we can be

Saskia Starritt discusses the reality of university, and why we need to stop falling into the trap of unrealistic expectations

Students that pay the price of a good time

It is ridiculous that students must pay excessive prices for the university subsidised events that they deserve to enjoy

Fashion may change, but our prejudices don’t

The recent embracement of streetwear on the highstreet has not equated to an embracement of the culture it represents

EDITOR’S OPINION: 2018: A brave new world

2018 marks my 20th year on this planet, a fact that I find entirely terrifying. It is not that I…

Hes East expansion will bring life to campus

The University’s development of its younger campus will help bridge the gap between Campus West and Campus East life