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Function to the forefront

Sarah Jilani on the trend towards fuction rather than fashion amongst the nominees of this year’s Brit Insurance Design Awards

Attempts On Her Life

Edgy, experimental, non-linear and stylishly monochromatic, Attempts On Her Life in Week 7 at the Drama Barn brings us something hard to pin down but absolutely refreshing to watch

Rediscovering John Stezaker

Although all eyes and ears have been geared towards London Fashion Week this month, an extensive collection of work from a must-see artist is currently being exhibited at London’s Whitechapel Gallery

ISA Cultural Performance

A night of chaos, fun, colour, innumerable technical difficulties, unique performances, 15 different nations… the Grand Opera House York has probably never seen such an eclectic two-and-a-half hours

Speaking in Tongues

In Week 5, Speaking in Tongues brings to the Drama Barn a tension in the air that is tangible, an atmosphere that is intimate and a tale that is guilt-ridden

Editor’s Picks

A variety of arts events which can appeal to everyone are coming up over the next couple of weeks. For those of you with a hectic schedule: most are right here on campus, so don’t miss out

Cover Controversy

The Latin American literary scene has recently heard many voices raised in protest of Chilean writer Eduardo Labarca’s latest collection of literary essays, El enigma de los módulos, which on its front cover depicts the author urinating on the grave of celebrated Argentinean writer Jorge Luis Borges

Outsiders have easily proven University staff as foolish – Cartoon


Defenestrated is a sell-out: and rightly so. This funny, yet psychologically charged and somewhat tragic play is heavily dialogue-driven, which is particularly impressive as it is student-written

The Movements: Expressionism

It’s difficult to look at a piece of work and immediately pinpoint its genre as Expressionist – anything from Edvard Munch’s The Scream to Wassily Kandinsky’s geometric extravaganzas seem to be grouped under this umbrella

Reveal the Tension

The Norman Rea Gallery has recently opened its doors to solo exhibiting artist Adeline De Monseignat, who into this space brings an intriguing mix of disruption and harmony

Altered Beauty

In 1981, Sony presented the first camera which eliminated the need for film; Kodak, ten years later, unveiled the first commercially available DSLR camera. Digital photography, a medium of much artistic and technical versatility, was born