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Politics Editor (2012/13)

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The Coalition has failed to rule competently

We are about half way through the government’s five year term in Parliament

Driving in America

The Petrolhead looks at the sorry state of motoring in the United States of America in his latest post

Honda NSX

Exciting news folks. At the premiere of a popular film with attractive people in it we witnessed something superb; the return of the Honda NSX

Spinning themselves out of power

In the two years of coalition rule, the government’s policies have been under the spotlight. Here though, Sam Shepherd argues that PR, not policy, has been the government’s main flaw

Premier League Predictions 2012/13

The Nouse Sport team make their predictions for the coming season, as the Premier League returns to fill the post-Olympic void

Microphones the answer to football’s ill discipline

Sam Shepherd outlines the case for fitting referees with microphones to improve footballers’ conduct on the pitch

Coalition must take care with internet powers

As all people even minimally acquainted with the internet will have seen by now, the government plans to force internet and phone providers to store details of customer calls, emails and website visits in a major expansion of surveillance laws

Nouse Sport Euro 2012 Predictions

With Euro 2012 starting this Friday, the Nouse Sport team offer their ‘expert’ opinions on who will shine in Poland and Ukraine

Tennis club beat Lancaster in thrilling ties

Both the men and women did York proud on Saturday as both squads came away with outstanding 5-4 victories

Netball firsts fall short in spirited effort

Despite a heavy 54-29 defeat on Saturday, York’s ladies could not be faulted for effort as they succumbed to a powerful Lancaster side

Double dip dilemma for Osborne

With political uproar over the government’s relationship with News International, the news that the country had slipped back into recession has culminated in an utterly disastrous start to the year

To dismiss the Church makes us equally intolerent

Sam Shepherd looks at the extent to which we share the bigotry of those we condemn