Ross D'lima Ross D'lima

Deputy News Editor (2011/12)

Ross has written 23 articles for Nouse

Candidate Questions: President

Nouse speaks to the candidates running for the position of YUSU President: What are the strengths and weaknesses of your…

Despite negative media coverage, Miliband is setting the agenda

While Miliband has received a harsh press since he was elected two years ago, his successes are thus tallying up

Candidate Questions: Student Activities

Nouse speaks to the candidates running for the position of YUSU Student Activities Officer: What are the strengths and weaknesses…

YUSU accused of profiting from ‘lads’ mags’

The issue of whether selling and displaying ‘lads’ mags’ in YUSU-run Your Shop is acceptable, has been brought into contention…

York research gives origins of life clues

Researches at the University of York have made significant progress in understanding how the necessary conditions for life may have been possible

University of York to award honorary degrees

The University will award four honorary doctorates this week to leading figures in health, medicine, and journalism

It’s political correctness gone mad

The definition of ‘Political Correctness’ is the only thing to have been distorted in the last decade on a scale similar to that of the price of Freddos

University sees improvement in its employability rankings

York has risen 24 places in the Sunday Times league table for employability this year, as both the University Senior Management and YUSU stress their increased focus on an area York has performed traditionally poorly in

James JCRC Hustings

James College JCRC election hustings commenced last night following a well-attended evening of speeches and challenges. Following a briefing by…

Motion to alter Women’s Officer position sparks controversy

A motion to change the YUSU Women’s Officer position to that of Gender Equalities Officer has caused controversy across campus

Nov9 student protests: a summary

Students descend on to the city of London to address the alleged impending ‘privatisation’ of the higher education system