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Deputy Editor (2011/12)

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The Guinea Pig Club

For a play with such emotional potential and immediacy, the sum performance fell just flat

Proposed degree overhaul to impact first year students

The University is considering introducing a reports scheme that could supplant the traditional honours grading system

Societies guide 2012

Here is the Nouse guide to all the societies you might want to join

YUSU for freshers

A guide to democracy, voting and committee in the University of York Student’s Union

What To Bring

Starting university has the ability to make the most messy person turn into an organisational pedant. However, it doesn’t matter how many lists you make or how often you go shopping, there will be things that you weren’t even aware that you needed

The sabbatical team

Short interviews with members of the sabbatical YUSU team 2012

Selling a manufactured illusion

Most importantly we need to ask what this technology can really bring to the University, it’s teaching, and the first-class research conducted. Without playing up to the old-fashioned professor stereotype, how many of the researchers and professors, for whom this technology was bought, will know how to take full advantage of all this innovation can offer?

Review of the year: best and worst moments of 2011/12

Nouse reviews some of the highlights of the year and casts its eye over the performance of the YUSU Sabbatical Officers

YUSU Awards honours students

Last Friday the third annual YUSU Awards were held, celebrating those York students who have gone the extra mile to enhance the student experience at York

Concern over international academic misconduct cases

Academic misconduct cases continue to involve a “disproportionate number” of international students, despite the University having identified the problem in 2008

YUSU warned University over choice of contractors

YUSU have spoken out over the chaotic building of the new Student Centre, after YUSU issued a warning to the University about the financial situation of Killby & Gayford, who went into administration two weeks ago

Sensationalism will gift column inches, not results

The NUS student outreach idea isn’t bad, but combined with confrontational demands for funding, it is unlikely to be well received