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Deputy Comment Editor (2012)

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A Tory-UKIP pact would damage politics

If Michael Fabricant wasn’t a politician, I think it’s safe to say he probably wouldn’t be a matchmaker either. Nigel Farage is clearly an Aires and David Cameron is most definitely heterosexual. But that’s not the only reason why this pact shouldn’t go ahead

Ask not what your college can do for you

Too often student politics is dismissed as isolated and extraneous to the wider community, but this is to forget the number of events made possible both on and off campus by our very own JCRCs

College netball roundup

A round up of all the action from today’s college netball matches with Alcuin, Halifax and Derwent all sealing impressive victories

Ted Mosby Syndrome

I’ve always thought university was the ideal backdrop for a love story – a wry smile across a lecture hall or reaching for the same book in the library

The breakup beard

We’ve all got our rituals for dealing with a breakup. Some girls choose to engage in a freezing threesome with Ben and Jerry; others throw themselves into their studies

Masking Mao’s legacy and diplomacy in Diaoyu

Rohan Banerjee looks at how the legacy of Mao Zedong has had a detrimental effect on China and its revolutionary nostalgia in the Diaoyu crisis

Dnruk Txeting

One shot too many, straying away from your house mates with no one to talk you out of it, you draft a multimedia mess that deep down you know is wrong

The bare bones of Halloween

Good costumes are great conversation starters. It feels safer to be more daring or even outrageous when you’re behind a costume

Derwent’s Ed boy stars in resounding win

A virtuoso performance from Ed Kemp helped Derwent College continue their impressive start to the season with a resounding 55-7 victory over Halifax this afternoon

Labour Conference: Unimpressive

Out of power and short of policies, the Labour Party’s Conference 2012 proved to be a decidedly horizontal affair

Left wing or left behind?

There are left-wing students at York, just as there are at any university, but the number is not so great to justify the myopias of the curriculum

Four Four Too Old

Rohan Banerjee examines the abandonment of 4-4-2 in football, and how Roy Hodgson’s England can adapt in the future