Poppy Bullard

Deputy Arts Editor (2012/13)

Poppy has written 35 articles for Nouse

The Movements: The Theatre of Cruelty

Poppy Bullard reviews Antonin Artaud’s resounding legacy in contemporary theatre

In Defence of Twilight, sort of

Poppy Bullard is surprised to find herself fighting the corner of Twilight’s Bella

Students and the Arts: Central Hall Musical Society

Poppy Bullard interviews the inspiring Central Hall Musical Society

Review: The Horologicon

A book to be savoured and enjoyed, The Horologicon provides you with all the most fabulous and yet useless words you could ever want. Poppy Bullard reviews

Video Review: The Settlers

The Norman Rea Gallery reveal their latest exhibition, The Settlers. Poppy Bullard reviews

Review: Junior Officers’ Reading Club – Patrick Hennesy

The Junior Officer’s Reading Club bridges a long unspoken gap between civilian and soldier, giving a transparent, comic, and brutally honest explanation supporting those either side of the divide. Poppy Bullard reviews

Review: Boulle’s Jewels

This little book, whilst written wittily, bypassed the first crucial step in producing non-fiction: defining itself. Poppy Bullard reviews

Hockney: Failing to see the bigger picture?

A subject of one of Hockney’s art has been vandalised. Poppy Bullard asks what all the fuss is about

Review: Lady Lovely Lute

The Open Drama Night has produced an intriguing and insightful documentary, in which intimacy and intelligence is brought to a girl’s experiences of brain trauma. Poppy Bullard reviews


Laura Wade’s interpretation of Posh is masterful, encouraging us to interrogate the class consciousness that dominates our society, and the political institutions that underpin it

Much Ado about Something

There was clearly more than aesthetics at work in relocating Shakespeare’s work to Delhi, giving us a glimpse into the more ambivalent social and cultural issues at work, says Poppy Bullard