Poppy Bullard

Deputy Arts Editor (2012/13)

Poppy has written 35 articles for Nouse

Poppy Bullard: Handbook for First Time Royal Parents

Poppy Bullard reveals excerpts from the coveted handbook given to all new Royal parents…

Review: Words and Whippets

York Theatre Royal hosts an evening of Yorkshire’s most prolific Spoken Word Artists. Poppy Bullard reviews

Review: The Misanthrope

Roger McGough keeps the magic of Moliere alive in his rejuvenation of The Misanthrope. Poppy Bullard reviews

Poppy Bullard: Gatsby goes to the Supermarket

The troubled past of the enigmatic Mr Gatsby proved to be quite an issue when attempting to do the shopping…

Poppy Bullard: Dr Seuss’ coverage of Roses 2013

Renowned poet Dr Seuss looks back over the weekend of sporting action…

The Demystification of Molière

Molière’s work is French, dense, and 400 years old. Poppy Bullard explains why the new translations of his work, by poet Roger McGough, are keeping the magic alive

Oil is Thicker than Canvas

Poppy Bullard asks whether it’s really ethical for multinational corporations to sponsor art galleries?

Poppy Bullard: The Importance of Being Eton

Eton Fives has recently been opened up to the masses with cheaper courts. The state schools are happy, but what about Eton…?

Poppy Bullard: “Margaret Thatcher’s died of natural causes. How inconvenient…”

In the depths of Broadcasting House the death of the former PM is wreaking havoc…

Poppy Bullard: The Graduate Prospects Game

The new fun game to play with all your third year friends. Watch them squirm as you rack up points!

Review: Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition

From 8th March – 28th April St Mary’s Church, Coppergate, is being launched from its medieval roots to situate itself…

Review: The Resistance is Not Futile

Poppy Bullard talks to the Norman Rea’s latest artist, Frances Copeman, about her exhibition ‘The Resistance is not Futile’