Peter Jacobs

Fashion Editor

Peter has written 9 articles for Nouse

The Man You Want To Be: A Tale of Shaddick

Peter Jacobs interviews a York student who models in his spare time

Give Me HONEY: Building a Brand on Campus

Peter Jacobs chats to Toby Willis about the creative process in Fashion design

What’s the word on the street (style)?

Nouse hits the street at LFW

Why’d You Have To Put Rocky Starz In My Eyes?

Peter Jacobs reports on Rocky Stars’ supreme spectacle

Battle Won, Fir Causing A Stir?

Fur remains an issue in fashion and here’s why

Fashion Fight: Is Eco-Fashion The Way Forward?

Peter Jacobs and Janan Jama throw down about where eco-fashion belongs in the future of the fashion scene

The Changing Face Of History

Peter Jacobs uncovers York’s ‘Shanghainese’ gem, History legend, Yiyun Ding

Attitudes to shopping vintage

The Fashion and Shoot Editors reflect on vintage shopping

Vive York: Campus goes Parisian

Peter Jacobs explores the growing french fashion subculture at York