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Deputy Politics Editor (2007-09)

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“More dangerous than a nuclear bomb”

Shirin Ebadi, right, won the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize for her work on Iranian women and children’s rights Imagine a…

Demanding more than just words

HRW urge Miliband to stop deportation to Ethiopia Human Rights Watch UK has today written a letter to David Miliband,…

Oil, Burma, and why we can’t rely on governments.

Total’s gas pipeline under construction in Burma It’s a long title for a complicated issue. A response from the Foreign…

Foreign Office on Burma

This is an email from the Foreign Office. For my response, please see here

Is a broken silence sufficient for action?

While researching for my dissertation on Gaza, I ran into ‘Breaking the Silence’, a human rights group in Israel made…

Ko’s story

In March in 1988 in Burma, thousands of students took to the streets in a protest against the ruling Junta…

It Felt Like a Kiss

The genius of totally immersive theatre is unlike anything else. It creates a childlike sense of exploring a dream world, and is utterly compelling

Blunkett: “A new type of politics”

David Blunkett was a controversial Home Secretary under Tony Blair. Peter Campbell meets him to talk about Parliament after the next general election and how politics needs to be changed in the future

The day that hate won – at the expense of Gordon Brown

BY THE time you read this, Gordon Brown may no longer be Prime Minister. The election results from Sunday night were not only damning for the Labour Party, they were yet another nail in the coffin of Brown’s leadership, one that has been fraught with slumping opinion polls and botched opportunities

Number worries for Labour

The current bout of summer weather that we are experiencing will not go far to raise the hopes of Labour as Thursday approaches

Prove me right Labour; arrest an MP: Davis on civil liberties

The Damien Green affair is just one area where David Davis has found himself involved heavily in the public eye since resigning his seat in Parliament over the government’s proposed 42 day detention bill last year

On waterboarding

This is an expansion of a blog entry originally published on Peter’s other blog here. It is not normally in…