Patrick Walker

Patrick has written 21 articles for Nouse

John McCain: Reflecting on the life of the ultimate bipartisan

Patrick Walker remembers the career of one of Washington’s best dealmakers

Theresa May’s trip to Africa looks desperate, and has achieved little

Beyond the questionable dancing, May’s trip to Africa shows the reality of post-Brexit economic struggles

Lacoste and litigation: the Zimbabwe election explained

Robert Mugabe’s resignation in November 2017 did not bring with it the expectation of political change. Whilst Zimbabweans sang in…

The best esport to watch this summer

There’s never been a better time to get into esport: here’s the best competition coming up this year

Haven’t we got better things to do than bashing Boris?

The reaction to Boris’ insensitivity doesn’t help liberals’ image problem

The AI beating humans at video games

Patrick Walker explores the capabilities of Elon Musk’s ambitious new project

The politics of the World Cup

It’s over. Gareth Southgate’s team couldn’t quite do it in the end, but they return to the UK having given…

Let Trump in

Loathe him or love him, President Trump’s visit to the UK should be welcomed

Remembering Totalbiscuit

Patrick Walker pays tribute to the gaming personality who changed the lives of millions

Politics in Gaming: should developers always be neutral?

Patrick Walker explores, through the case of Ubisoft and Tom Clancy, political ideology in gaming

Reality TV is now the reality of the presidency

With Trump’s latest political advisor being Kim Kardashian, are we living in an Orwellian dystopia?

eSports at Roses

Patrick Walker reports on the eSports competition at Roses 2018