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The other CO2 problem

Marine life is threatened by the actions of humankind; overfishing is killing off some aquatic species to the point of endangerment;…

21 November 2017

Nouse Print Edition Tuesday 21 November 2017

CLASH OF COMMENTS: Should the UK change its electoral system to proportional representation?

YES – Oscar Bentley Proportional representation is an electoral system where seats in Parliament are allocated proportionally to votes cast,…

York Minster installs new anti-terrorism barriers

New anti-terrorism barriers have been installed around the front of York Minster. The barrier, which takes the form of 12 concrete…

Heslington East expansion set to open next term

The brand new teaching and retail developments on Heslington East are set to open next term. The £25m Piazza Learning Centre…

York professor leads fightback against Universal Credit

Professor Peter Dwyer of the University of York’s Department of Social Policy and Social Work has led calls from some 114…

Working Class and Social Mobility Officer referendum result announced

York votes ‘yes’ to the proposed Part Time Officer position 990 students vote 495 students vote ‘yes’; 472 students vote…

Young Green Party to hold convention on campus

The youth branch of the Green Party is this year hosting its annual convention at the University of York. The…

Visibility of Course Reps called into question

The notability of the role of Course Reps has come to light after various students claimed they knew little about…

31 October 2017

Nouse Print Edition Tuesday 31 October 2017

YUSU survey reveals “shocking” state of off-campus housing

Council passes motion to make all landlords of Houses of Multiple Occupation register or face a £30 000 fine Stories…

Loneliness does not have to be faced alone

Loneliness stems from many issues that need addressing, the first solution is to acknowledge that it affects all people