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Brandon SeagerViews from the Ouse

Having spent half the holidays underwater, for many York students returning to the relatively dry Northeast was a breath of fresh air (unless of course you live on the banks of the River Ouse). But…

Wealth shouldn’t determine admissions success

The news that 1,540 students who received free school meals were accepted into all 24 Russell Group Universities combined in 2010-2011 highlights a fundamental problem in the British education system. Free school meals are often…

Vermin presence in Vanbrugh is unacceptable

We may not expect university accommodation to be perfect but we certainly wouldn’t expect it to endanger our health. With the discovery of rats and silver fish college halls should be under scrutiny. The University…

Revenge porn petition deserves your signature

Heather Robertson’s petition to ban revenge porn is something that we should all support. The UK’s antiquated legislation is embarrassing when compared to Australia, California and Israel, all of which have laws banning the act.…

FrontPrint Edition: 21st January 2013

front pagePrint Edition: 26th November 2013

Reclaiming the nightclubs

Sexual assault happens all too often in nightclubs and yet it is rarely reported. People need to be made aware of just what counts as sexual assault and what penalties it carries. This would then…

Think about your future

Employability should be a primary concern for any student. It’s all too easy to forget about the big, bad world of work when caught in the bubble of university life. Unfortunately, there’s often a preconception…

Care must be consistent

Students are in good hands when facing more extreme cases of mental illness on campus. The real inconsistencies become apparent in the University’s treatment of those cases that are less easily detectable. These “minor” cases…

Remembering Mental Health

We should ensure that the issue of student mental health does not get forgotten

Sex work: respect choices but provide support where it is sought

York students turning to sex work reveals the strains of student finance

Resisting the Rising Fees

The move to raise university fees to £16,000 cannot be supported

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