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Students need better housing provision

The proposed YUSU letting agency is looking like a more distinct possibility, which is good news for students looking for a house to rent. Student unions are in a better place to understand and therefore meet the needs of students, who generally have less experience of finding a house independently. The student unions will hopefully […]

Societies should respect local residents

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Society’s Live Action Roleplay (LARP) events have come under criticism as local residents complained about the “horrible racket”. It seems that the students have been undertaking their games during Sunday afternoons, a time when most people are at home. This, in itself, is not a problem. Yet there is a […]

Personal information is ours to share

When you apply for a job you do not expect your personal information to be spread across the internet. Yet this is exactly what happened to people who applied for a job with the chain wine bar and grill Lucia. Their CVs including all of their personal information, addresses, qualifications, date of births, and even […]

Print Edition: 4th March 2014

Sexposed: the bedroom habits of York Students

Nouse would like to apologise for allowing the article ‘Sexposed: the bedroom habits of York’s students revealed’ to go to print without the Fetish Society’s approval

Welfare at club nights

Student welfare is the primary concern for YUSU club nights. Despite this, certain clubs are failing to keep in line with the agreements made with YUSU that aim to keep student’s welfare a top priority. This is the latest in a string of incidents where clubs have disregarded student’s safety. YUSU want to promote their […]

All students should be welcome

The news that a majority of international students feel unwelcome in the UK is incredibly disappointing, but it’s also unsurprising. Even here in York, it’s all too common to hear students talking derogatorily about foreign students. Much of it, we will be told if we dare voice any feelings of unease about the way foreign […]

Appointments made easier

The University Health Centre is vital for students, allowing them to see a doctor conveniently on campus. This makes it easier to fit appointments into busy timetables as well as negating the potentially daunting task of finding a doctor’s surgery. For freshers this can indeed be a daunting task, not knowing the area at all […]

Views from the Ouse

I’m a bit of an outsider to this whole democracy thing, so I must admit I don’t know what happens to YUSU Presidents after they move out. Luckily, reliable sources have informed me they go to a special, happy farm, where they can romp and play in the fields with their own kind. “We’ll get […]

In pictures: YUSU full-time officer candidates’ debate

YUSU Elections 2014

Print Edition: 11th February 2014

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