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We must all do our part to stamp out lad culture

There are many elements to university life – two of the most prominent, especially around Freshers’ Week, are the cultures…


Print Edition: 30th September 2014

Old blocks need our attention

The planned refurbishment to Eric Milner A comes as great news to many. As Heslington East continues to expand with…

Errors in exams aren’t acceptable

Mistakes by the University in the organisation of exam season are hardly surprising. It’s a logistical nightmare to arrange who…

Low voter turnout shows worrying apathy

The University of York shall remain affiliated with the National Union of Students (NUS) after 1259 student at York voted…

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Views from the Ouse

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Print Edition: 17th June 2014


Views from the Ouse

Library fines must be examined individually

Library fines exist for a reason. They are in place so that the borrower does not exceed the borrowing period…

Semesterisation victory for students

The proposal to move York towards semesterisation has been shelved for the foreseeable future after a lack of consensus on…

Access to sport needs mass marketing

University should be a place of inclusion and development, therefore increasing accessibility to sport at York is a step in…


Print Edition: 27th May 2014