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YUSU Elections Results Night 2017: As it Happened

The results of YUSU Elections 2017 live from Hendrix Hall

Views From The Ouse

It’s The End, so it seems! And The End isn’t just a weird campaign by YUSUBars to convince us all…

Print Edition: 9th June 2015


Print Edition: 5th May 2015


Views From The Ouse

here are some things I can’t really call myself. Funny. Immune to bullets. Secretly a duck. Any sort of nickname…

Views From The Ouse

So that’s that, then! YUSU elections are over. I was there on results night, quietly indulging my alcoholism in the…

Print edition: 3rd March 2014

London Fashion Week Supplement

Views from the Ouse

A new year is upon us! How was the first week for you? Based on comments from friends, I assume…

Swords, space and superheroes

Nouse film and TV writers discuss the new releases we’re most looking forward to in 2015

Print edition: 20th January 2014

Views from the Ouse

Here’s a secret, so I don’t know, hold the computer screen really close to your face – these columns, technically,…

Erasmus students need financial security

A year abroad is meant to be an enriching and exciting addition to your degree, but not when you can’t…