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Old blocks need our attention

The planned refurbishment to Eric Milner A comes as great news to many. As Heslington East continues to expand with not only new accommodation but plans for supermarkets and other commercial enterprises, Heslington West is in danger of being left behind. It is great to see the University campus developing and expanding. Yet it cannot […]

Errors in exams aren’t acceptable

Mistakes by the University in the organisation of exam season are hardly surprising. It’s a logistical nightmare to arrange who is doing what exams, when and where. Once this is finalised however, the errors in papers and misinformation from departments is unacceptable. As is the lack of effective strategies to deal with these problems. As […]

Low voter turnout shows worrying apathy

The University of York shall remain affiliated with the National Union of Students (NUS) after 1259 student at York voted in the referendum across weeks 7 and 8. The shockingly low turnout for referendum may take many by surprise. Mainly because who knew there was such a referendum going on? Just 7.65 per cent voter […]

Views from the Ouse

If there’s one thing nightclubs have taught me, it’s that a fez never looks as cool as you think it does. …OK, if there’s one OTHER thing nightclubs taught me, it’s that a cavalcade of wonderment awaits down at the local thrift shop. A big-ass coat! Fur-fox skins! References to songs they stopped playing three […]

Print Edition: 17th June 2014

Views from the Ouse

Let’s all go win the Roses! WHO’S WITH ME? Well, THAT went well, didn’t it? Christ. Thanks to the delayed nature of print media, that little proclamation came out about two days AFTER Lancaster managed to give us more beats-per-minute than Phat Fridays. Luckily, this week’s screed is on a far less flexible topic – […]

Library fines must be examined individually

Library fines exist for a reason. They are in place so that the borrower does not exceed the borrowing period to which they agreed to. The library provides a service with clearly stated conditions, however, sometimes this can result in circumstances that are unfair. One such student was instructed by library staff to apply for […]

Semesterisation victory for students

The proposal to move York towards semesterisation has been shelved for the foreseeable future after a lack of consensus on the issue. This represents a victory for students and staff alike, as semesterisation would isolate York from other universities. It would mean fifteen-week terms twice per year, when the present trimester system with ten-week terms  […]

Access to sport needs mass marketing

University should be a place of inclusion and development, therefore increasing accessibility to sport at York is a step in the right direction. It is a crucial point which must not be overlooked as all students must be given the opportunity to participate in all elements of student life. The new York Sitting Volleyball Club, […]

Print Edition: 27th May 2014

Views from the Ouse

It’s time to play the music! It’s time to light the light! It’s time to start holding back those tears! For this is SUMMER TERM, kids! Exams are coming, and valar revisis (all men must cry, usually in the library at about 3am). Watch and be amazed, as all that youthful optimism the freshers brought […]

Print Edition: 6th May 2014

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