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Views From The Ouse

It’s The End, so it seems! And The End isn’t just a weird campaign by YUSUBars to convince us all…

Print Edition: 9th June 2015


Print Edition: 5th May 2015


Views From The Ouse

here are some things I can’t really call myself. Funny. Immune to bullets. Secretly a duck. Any sort of nickname…

Views From The Ouse

So that’s that, then! YUSU elections are over. I was there on results night, quietly indulging my alcoholism in the…

Print edition: 3rd March 2014

London Fashion Week Supplement

Views from the Ouse

A new year is upon us! How was the first week for you? Based on comments from friends, I assume…

Swords, space and superheroes

Nouse film and TV writers discuss the new releases we’re most looking forward to in 2015

Print edition: 20th January 2014

Views from the Ouse

Here’s a secret, so I don’t know, hold the computer screen really close to your face – these columns, technically,…

Erasmus students need financial security

A year abroad is meant to be an enriching and exciting addition to your degree, but not when you can’t…

Live by the sword, get investigated by the sword

As the old Assassin’s saying goes, “Nothing is true, everything is permitted.” Except for wandering around campus with your sword…