Li Peng Cheok

Li has written 10 articles for Nouse

Stone Roses’ guitarist John Squire talks to Li Peng Cheok about his move into art.

How does one go about becoming an artist?

RCS’ Jamie Luck lets Nouse into the secret of Shakespeare’s unremitting success

There are statues, memorials and theatre companies dedicated to him worldwide, and throngs of camera-wielding tourists descend on his birthplace daily, but how is it that sixteenth century playwright William Shakespeare remains so popular after all these centuries?

The Fastest Clock in the Universe

The stage was set for the birthday party of the year with the (overcrowded) audience as its guests of honour


This Tony award-winning musical is a favourite amongst children, pets, parents, grandparents, and the whole motley crew

The Government Inspector

The Russian play had all the promise of an excellent theatre experience – humour, mistaken identity and a wide and animated cast of 19 characters

The House of Bernada Alba

The House of Bernarda Alba, translated from its original title, La casa de Bernarda Alba, was Spanish dramatist, Federico García Lorca’s last play

What the Butler Saw

Touted by director Jonathan Kerridge-Phipps as the best English stage comedy since Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, Joe Orton’s farce, What the Butler Saw did not disappoint for Friday night entertainment

Interview: York Arts Scene – The Key Players

In the last couple of years the campus-based arts scene here in York has been injected with life by students with flair, energy and originality. By taking the initiative to build on established ideas or starting something new, they have added vibrancy and new interest to the York arts calendar

Our House

The gem of “Our House” lies in its dialogue. Written by Godber, the humour is subtle, witty and clever, without resorting to slapstick. With a light, charming script and one or two, young, fit actors in the lush setting of the Theatre Royal, “Our House” makes for a lovely night to end the term

A hidden treasure trove

Charity shop fashion is cheap, chic and charitable as Liam O’Brien and Li Peng Cheok discover with relish